Wednesday, September 12, 2007

4 Days & Counting

So, the big run is now only four days away.

Many people have been asking me for a reminder about the details of the race, so here's the details:

People have also been asking me how I feel - am I anxious, nervous, excited. I'm certainly feeling excited, but not anxious or nervous -- at least not yet.

Primarily, I'm feeling uncertain. Exactly one week ago, I set out for my final long run (an exciting 25-mile route I had designed just for that run). Three miles in, I could barely stand. Something had gone wrong with my knee -- painfully wrong.

So, I've been on an ice and rest routine and my trainer and chiropractor have advised me to "Show up on race day, start running and see what happens."

Hence, the uncertainty. I may run 30 miles on Sunday, I may 20 or even 10 or 5 -- maybe even less. Regardless, I've realized. It has been a good, long road. I have learned a lot, accomplished a lot, experienced a lot, gained
a lot.

I'm ready. No matter what the big day holds. I'm ready.

Thank you everyone for your support! Keep it coming.

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