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When I Grow Up

"Miss Jen, when I grow up, I will name my daughter Jennifer."
A simple sentence can sometimes be enough to get one through a very challenging week (or two).
During the final week of a long school year, one of the 11 year-old students in the after-school filmmaking program I run and teach uttered that wonderful, simple sentence.
It was not the sentence in itself that held such important meaning, but also the student who spoke it. This student had driven me crazy at the beginning of the year. He could not sit still. He could not listen. He constantly tested the limits. 
Yet, through care and patience on the part of myself and my co-teacher Jim and through the power of theatre and film, this student changed.
Editing film requires a lot of patience, difficult for any 11 year-old. Yet, this student, who at the beginning of the year could not sit still for even a couple of minutes, fell in love with film. So much so, that while other students are outside on the playground, he prefers f…