Saturday, February 27, 2010

10 Years

Ramon's Birthday is today. Ramon is my life partner, work partner and, now, parenting partner. We have been blessed with more than 10 years together. Today, I am listing 10 wonderful memories from our life together in, more or less, chronological order

10. Our trip to Alexandria in 1999, which was when we first expressed our feelings for one another.
9. Spending Christmas together in Bethlehem, also in 1999.
8. New Year's at the Pyramids in Egypt 1999-2000.
7. Thanksgiving - 2002
6. My graduation from Harvard - I couldn't have gotten through it (or in) without you (June 2003)
5. Going to Fenway (in particular Derek Lowe's no-hitter), but in general this one represents all of the memories in Boston and my gratefulness to Ramon for sharing his city with me.
4. Running together at the park in Brockton - I loved doing that. (2001-2002) and the burgers and sausages you cooked for my "30"run (2007)
3. Our first Christmas with Sky (2009)
2. Our trip to the park - Dec. 2009 (first family photo)
1. Sky's birth, of course (Nov. 7, 2009)

On his birthday, I wish to Thank Ramon for sharing so much with me and I would like to encourage all of you to thank those special people in your lives and to treasure each moment you have with them and not just the "top" memories.

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