Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Heart

Clearly, I am not that great of a blogger. I go way too long between posts. Life can do that. I decided last fall, though, to focus in on the theme "Ten," which is significant to my life. As I mentioned before, I just celebrated 10 years with my amazing life and work partner and, now, parenting partner, Ramon, and I have a film project entitled "Ten" that I would love to get myself together and bring to fruition.

Now, about 5 months after my last posting (that's half of 10), I'm back with 10 things that nurture my heart (in no particular order). Ramon and I don't exchange gifts at Valentine's Day. We do, though, work on valuing, loving and appreciating one another 365 days each year. So, this posting is my only act in recognition of Valentine's Day.

10. My family (Mom, Dad, Kyle, Brent, Ramon, Sky, etc.)
9. My work - I love nurturing and encouraging young people . I don't always have all the answers regarding what the students I work with need, but my mantra is always -- when in doubt, give more love (also my parenting motto).
8. Ideas - whether I find them in a book, in a conversation with a friend or family member, in a song, in the joy on Sky's face when he discovers something new
7. Music - listening to it and, definitely, playing it. On Tuesday, I was playing the piano with Sky in my lap and he starting cooing along. My heart certainly got a little bit stronger on that day.
6. Fictive Kin - all of the wonderful people who have been in my life and supported me as if I were family, despite the lack of any "blood" connecting us
5. A good meal with friends or family. I love cooking (in fact, I'm starting a new blog, ironic since I'm so bad at updating this one. It's called Cooking with Love. I believe food (and breaking bread with others) can warm the heart and soul. I recommend reading Roger Ebert's blog about meals. It captures the value of breaking bread with others, though he himself can no longer eat.
4. Yoga with Sky - I'm sure avid yoga practitioners would find our routine lacking in its accuracy as I don't really know that much about yoga and only really started doing it when I was pregnant, but Sky and I love it.
3. Sky
2. Sky My goal was to post Top Ten Lists (not like David Letterman's). This approach was supposed to get me to write more often. I actually had notes on lists, some completed lists and some partial lists in my journal (my goal was to post, of course, every ten days). Well, during the busy month of August, I lost my journal, which as anyone who has ever lost a journal knows, is a pretty unfortunate thing.

1. Sky

So, maybe I'm cheating by listing my son, who is now just over 3 months old, 3 times, but he nurtures my heart and fills my life with joy in a way that I can't put into words. I feel so blessed to have him in my life. He represents so much possibility (hence the name Sky) and contains within him, Ramon and I believe, pieces of those we love who have passed on. Thus, he represents so much that I think listing him more than once is only appropriate because it is also a way to list those individuals and to reference the possibilities, hope, and peace found in my 12 pound bundle of joy


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