Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rays of Sunshine (AKA Hope)

My last blog was all about obstacles and roadblocks, and the importance of remembering to breath and of not forgetting that the road is good, even when there seem to be lots of roadblocks and obstacles getting in the way. Not long ago, that is how things felt for our little family -- as if there were just lots of roadblocks. 

We were frustrated that we were working to do so much good and yet kept butting up against such challenges. Then, as Ramon says, we started to see little rays of sunshine breaking through the clouds. We were told that the landlords were selling the house we lived in and so we started looking at apartments. It was cloudy indeed. Yet, a single ray broke through the clouds as we started thinking that maybe we could buy the house. We got the list price. We ran the numbers. It all made sense. We could buy the house we were already living in. 

We made an offer and then had to meet a counter offer (that raised the price very little). Today, the real estate agent called and told us that the owners had signed. The rays got brighter. However, this morning my grandmother passed away and the sky literally was cloudy outside. We had known this day was coming. She was 88. My mother had been there for 2 weeks, but was back in Texas when it happened. However, the chaplain had just been with my grandmother -- there's a little ray. 

My mother, of course, is grieving as anyone would who loses a mother. Yet, all three of her children and their spouses will be able to be together on Easter weekend for the services. I see more rays of sunshine breaking through the clouds. My brothers, Kyle and Brent, have not yet met Sky, so I am very glad that they will be able to do so and that Sky will also get to meet Deb and Hayley (Brent's wife and step-daughter), as well as his Great-Uncle and, I'm sure, lots of other extended family. It is not whether challenges and sadness and loss will come into our lives. It always will, but I believe there is always a ray of sunshine (aka hope) if we look for it. I know others may disagree, but finding the sun amidst (or hidden behind) the clouds is the only way I have ever made it through a rainy season.

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