Monday, June 14, 2010

Abundant Living #2: More on Conscious Consumption (or Non-Consumption) - Five Non-Vestments + Five Potentials

As a conscious consumer, I'm also mindful of NOT spending money on things that I really don't need. Here's five things that we often "think" we need, but really don't. 

1. Cable/TV - we don't have any type of TV service. This is great, primarily because it means the "one-eyed baby-sitter" is not just always on, but also because it makes me really consider more deliberately the media I consume. Between and, I typically catch the few TV-related things I might be interested in and avoid the rest.

2. Baby "gear/toys" -- I'm not really into crowding our house with baby stuff. We've been blessed to be given a lot of stuff from friends (hand me-downs and new). Plus, babies are innovative. Sky doesn't really need a lot of toys. The box that my Toms shoes came is very entertaining, as are diapers (clean ones of course), measuring cups, an old remote control, etc.

3. Morning coffee -- I make it at home, instead of getting elsewhere. It saves money and is, usually, just the way I like it.

4. In that same vein - "grab-it-on-the-way breakfast" (AKA take out breakfast) -- which typically means a bagel or muffin (I used to do this). Now, I make breakfast at home. It's healthier, less caloric and sugary, gives me a much better start to my day and saves money.

5. Accessories and excess clothes -- I'm very basic when it comes to fashion -- always have been, always will be. I prefer good finds at a thrift store -- better for my wallet, better for the environment, better (typically) for the cause the thrift store supports (in most cases), and (at times) more unique. Also, regarding accessories, now that I have a baby, I really am glad because the few "nice" things I did have, Sky has broken, spit up on, etc.

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