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Ten for Tuesday: 10 Toddler Games that Cost Nothing (Free Play!) #totplay

Here's ten simple and free "activities/games" that toddlers love. 

1. Tag (Wild Thing, 2, loves it when I say "I'm gonna get you" and chase him around the house. Now that we have the baby, I often carry the baby with me and we both chase Wild Thing).

2. Hide and Seek -- Wild Thing's favorite way to do this is for him to hide behind the curtain and for me to say "Where's Wild Thing?" and act completely shocked when he jumps out from behind the curtain.

3. Tickle Contest -- self-explanatory. I tickle him. He tickles me. We both laugh our heads off.

4. Make the Bed -- My mom did this to me when I was a kid, and I loved it!! She would make the bed on top of me and then push, gently, on me and complain about not being able to get the "lumps" out of the bed. (This also works with a blanket on the couch).

5. I Spy -- we all know this one. Now that Wild Thing is over 2 and his language is developing, this game has become more and more intere…

On Love: Mindful Parenting - Learning to Love Ourselves as we Love Our Children

It doesn't have to be Feb. 14 for me to write a post about love. This post is actually about Feb. 13. And is posting on Feb. 16.

On Feb. 13, I was in a funk. It was dreary and gloomy (particularly for LA), and I was in the dumps. Down and distracted.

However, because the next day was Valentine's Day, I pulled out my favorite book on the subject of love, which is True Love by the oft-referenced here Thich Nhat Hanh.

Skimming back through this treasure-filled book, one section stuck out to me. He writes:

"When the mother hears her baby crying, she puts down whatever she has in her hands, she goes into its room, and takes the baby in her arms...The mother does not know yet what is the matter...but the fact that she has it in her arms already gives her child some relief."

This is something I do often for my own children, but TNH uses this example as an analogy of something we must do for ourselves (out of love for ourselves and for those closest to us).

He speaks abou…

Still Running - Rethinking Peace and Remembering that Peace if Every Step

Sometimes it's easy to get all tangled up and strangled by the details, by false parameters, by unnecessary assumptions.

When my "Run for Peace" was complete, the blog began to stagnate. Sporadic blogs cropped up here and there, but they became more separated and less full of heart.

"How can I write when I am no longer engaged in working for peace?" I thought.

I had forgotten what it actually meant to be "running for peace." I now realize so clearly that I am still learning a great deal about peace. I am a blessed parent of two little boys (one who is just over 2 years, the other who is just over 6 months) -- talk about daily opportunities to foster peace (and practice patience - a close cousin of peace).

Diminishing my own ability to be able to write about the good long road because my journey down it had changed was erroneous -- and directly counter to my own belief about peace. Being a peacemaker is not limited to the men or women in power who are…