Thursday, March 15, 2012

Follow Up - on Meditation Monday

I'm following up regarding how my weekly meditation/intention focus is going, so let's call this Thoughtful Thursday -- the follow up to Meditation Monday.

In Monday's post, I focused a lot on letting go of grudges with those we are close to, with loved ones.

While I agree that those types of grudges rank at the top of the list, something I realized during a meditation focused on releasing grudges was that sometimes the most deep-seated grudges may relate to people we don't even talk to anymore, people we aren't even connected to through Facebook, such as a former boss or colleague, a former classmate, etc.

These grudges may be ones we already think we have let go or that are so old and deeply held that we don't pay them must attention. Yet, still holding onto that anger, resentment or ill-will from the time we were "wronged" by that person so many years ago, does weigh us down. It does increase the amount of tension we're holding in our shoulder. It does limit our ability to live our life in a loving, compassionate, joyful way.

Holding the grudge does not change anything -- it doesn't undo the past, so why we do let it keep us from happiness now?

So - Week 1 continues and I'm still working on it. Stop Holding Grudges!

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