Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our Color Discoveries - Following up on my Weekly Kids Co-Op Post!

When I started the process of trying out the great activities from Carrots Are Orange that I featured yesterday as part of the Weekly Kids Co-Op, I ended up making a lot of adjustments (of course). 

For her magnetic paint samples, my first adjustment came because of frugality. I didn't want to by magnets, so I used some business card magnets we had left over from a 2006 event. Then, I forgot to get the craft sticks. So, mine became super simple. I pasted the business card magnets onto the paint samples with Guerilla Glue. Done! Not exciting, but effective (especially for a toddler). My toddler actually started pulling the scrap pieces out of the recycle bin and bringing them to me to help him identify what color they were too!

Next time I'm out, I will get craft sticks because (as you can see) when he tried to grab the yellow one, he pulled some of the paint sample off. :)
When it came to the paint strip clothespin activity she did. My toddler thought the paint strips with the clothespins connected looked like trains (everything is a train to him). So, we went with it and created a rainbow train: 

I had just found some of these round tags when cleaning out the office today, and they seemed perfect for the round front of the trains (just like Thomas!). I decided to use the tags as an opportunity to write the names of the colors too. If I had more paint strips, I would have done color combo trains in which the red train would connect to the yellow train to create the orange train, etc.

We also did a simple (and free) color activity during our walk. We spied colors on one of our walks this week. Here's the colors he found (and the photos he took with his Fisher-Price camera). 


He loved identifying the letters on the sign too!




ORANGE (Very Dirty Orange)


  1. What a great way to discover colors! I love that he took the pictures on his own camera! :)

  2. They totally do look like trains. Love this! Come link it up to the Donald Crews blog hop if you have a sec. I am pinning it to my Donald Crews pinterest board too. Awesome!