Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ten for Tuesday: Grandparents

Today's Ten is just ten great photos of Sky with his grandparents (or doing things related to their grandparents). It is my dad's birthday today, and my mom is flying in today to visit her grandchildren, so this seemed appropriate. (Okay - the first 3 count as one photo because they are related to Sky making a birthday card for his grandpa.)

Sky "sewing" with his grandma, who is an expert seamstress.

I love the interchange here between them.
This was when Sky was just about 6 weeks old.

From the day Sky was born.

This photo is a cheat because it of me, my brother
and family friends with my dad at the Grand Canyon.
It's just one of my favorite photos of my dad (aka grandpa) so I included it.

Sky with my grandmother, a month or two before she died.
She was his only living great grandparent at the time.

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