Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekly Kids Co-Op: Our Quiet Book

A couple of weeks ago, as part of the Weekly Kids Co-Op, I highlighted two quiet books (a sew and no-sew example). 

Inspired by the Eliza Loves Quiet Book, my mother made Sky a Quiet Book. I am flying to NYC with him (he'll be about 2 1/2 then and my infant). We're hoping this wonderful book will make the flight a little easier.  

My mother is an amazing crafter, quilter, seamstress, etc. She runs a bazaar at her church that is a great fundraiser for their church and engages many women (and men) in crafting and creating. She brought a lot of fabric scraps, buttons, ribbons, etc. We looked at what we had, thought about what Sky liked and created this. 

This is the cover. We recycled a maternity shirt. We also used laces to tie the book, so that we could exchange pages relatively easily.

The balloons are velcro. The chicken is also velco.

There are eggs hidden in the nest.

This is the jungle hide and seek page.

With farm animals opposite the jungle. Animals can be moved from inside the bibs to the smaller pocket, and the overalls can be undone and redone.
Sky can fly the kite and take the little clothespins on and off the kite. The butterfly comes out of the cocoon. (Sky loves The Very Hungry Caterpillar).

Counting beads and learning colors.

He loves Thomas the Train, so we have Thomas and Clarabel and James. The snap and buckle that connect the trains are a bit challenging right now, but he loves counting the wheels and touching the buttons.

My mother lives in Texas, so he can help Grandma fly to visit him and his brother (Benjamin David). For the plane, she cut out an ad from a magazine and covered it with contact paper. The letters are velcro.
He puts his thumb and pinky through to catch the ball This is really challenging.


  1. Love your quiet book! Great job! I'm glad my little quiet book was able to help someone. They are so much fun for the kids. Lovely blog!

  2. Your quiet book looks great! I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas!

  3. Thank you for linking up this wonderful creation to Made With Love,

  4. Oh my.. what a fabulous idea!! Totally love the book idea.. Wish my girlies were small..

    Thank you so much for linking into Made with love...