Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekly Kids Co-Op: Toddlers and Colors

My toddler is doing great with numbers and letters, but colors are coming more slowly. So, this week, we've been focusing colors. I checked out several books from the library that focused on colors and have been pointing out colors on our walks, especially noting the red stop signs and green leaves. I plan to get paint samples this weekend and try out these great activities:

From Carrots are Orange

I love that the paint sample activity above does not intimidate me to make (as someone who does not consider herself crafty -- they are magnetized). She also used + and = magnets to demonstrate how primary colors create other colors -- so you put the red strip up on the fridge or cookie sheet the plus sign the yellow strip the equals sign and the orange. Simple and effective. I think that paint strip activity would connect well with the simple food coloring mixing activities suggested by little lovely

Pink and Green Mama uses paint chips with her children to create a matching game (think Memory), which she says come in handy at restaurants. Tips for restaurant entertainment are always useful.

I'm thinking of other ways of utilizing the paint samples, such as putting matching buttons onto the paint sample or using the clothespins to grasp felt fabric scraps of the same color. 


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