Sunday, April 8, 2012

Egg Carton Puppets

I'm so excited to participate in the Tinkerlab's Creative Challenge this month, with egg cartons. We always have egg cartons around as eggs are a major menu staple, and we've used them as eating trays and playing trays (my toddler likes to sort things in them). 

I appreciated the challenge to be a little more creative. Since my 2.5 year old favors active play and outdoor play, getting him excited about art activities requires a lot of effort. My strategy: create something myself first and get him excited about that item with the hope that then he would want to make something himself. It totally worked!

A talented artistic friend and I made two puppets. Then, I performed for my reluctant artist. He laughed and laughed as the puppets sang and conversed. The puppets were made with typical cartons made from recycled paper that we just painted on. I added 2 pom poms for the nose and she layered cartons for the eye effect.

My tot definitely loved the performance aspect of these art pieces. I hid underneath his high chair and the puppets performed on the tray as their stage. He laughed and laughed, saying, "again, again." Then, he grabbed the puppets and perform for me. So fun!

Then, I got out some paint and cut up an egg carton. He dipped the craft stick in the paint and got to work, explaining that he was painting the eyes.

After completing his puppet, his imagination expanded and he asked to make a train. I showed him the egg carton parts that were left. He selected the longest piece and started painting, explaining that the top egg cartons were windows (as he painted them) and that the bottom were wheels. It looks no different to you and me, but in the eyes of the artist: wheels and windows!

Oh - and here's the bonus egg carton "baby sensory tub" that my tot's little brother got. The ice cubes in it were the biggest hit, and the carton itself, which he found to be quite fun to manipulate and open and close.  

Thanks again to the Tinkerlab!! 
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  1. Ooh, the baby sensory carton is a great idea... I'll have to try that one!

  2. Oh my! Those are SOOO cute! What a clever idea.

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!

    Maggy & Alissa

  3. What a great idea I love the mini sensory tub and have including it this week in Tuesday Tots as a featured post from last week.

    Thank you for sharing and inspiring us with Tuesday Tots