Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Making Something Out Of Nothing: In Honor of Imagination

Earth Day is on its way, so between now and then, I'm focusing on Making Something Out Of Nothing. 

We have a very talented production/art designing friend who calls himself SOON Productions (Something Out Of Nothing). 

I think maybe my new nickname for my toddler should be SOON. He is the king of Making Something Out Of Nothing, primarily because his imagination is boundless. So, to kick off my S.O.O.N. Series, here's some photos of my SOON's (rather than son's) "trains."

If all you see are rocks, socks, and plastic eggs, your toddler imagination is out of practice. At bath time, he also has some great "rocket ships" that you might call empty shampoo bottles. I love making things and being creative with paint and crafts with my SOON, but I also love it when his imagination takes over and everyday items become trains, planes, rocket ships, trucks, cars and whatever else he imagines. Other popular "trains" are condiment packets (helpful at a restaurant), any and all chairs, the elliptical and his baby brother when he is in his walker. He LOVES pushing the baby around and making train sounds!


  1. Those are awesome trains what a fantastic imagination! Thanks for linking up to our Wordless Wednesday Linky!

  2. Kids are so incredibly creative! I love that they can turn anything into a toy!

  3. Awesome! My daughter lines up things too, but it is more for organizing. :)