Sunday, April 1, 2012

Meditation Monday, Week 4: The World Does Not Revolve Around Me (or my toddler)

...but maybe it revolves around the baby. :) 

It can be easy to become self-obsessed or consumed by our own messy lives, especially when you have children whose needs seem constant and demanding.

#4 on Marc and Angel's 20 Things to Stop Doing to Others  is Stop Making It All About You with a reminder that the world revolves around the sun, not us. Acknowledging this is important. It can give us perspective, so that the toddler meltdown or defiant child or giant load of laundry does not feel so overwhelming. 

I love that this important reminder coincides with Autism Awareness Day today (and Autism Awareness month all month) and International Children's Book Day tomorrow. 

They culminate to remind me to focus on teaching my children to be inclusive and accepting and of the importance of teaching them to not fear or ostracize those that might be "different" from themselves. 

Though my children are very young (toddler and baby), I can demonstrate, model and teach acceptance. In fact, my toddler has demonstrated acceptance to me. My husband teaches film to youth and adults and has taught classes to adults with disabilities. When he teaches these classes, I've always gone to help out. So, after we had our first son, I kept going and would bring the baby with me. Our son always had so much fun at these classes and went into the arms of class participants without any sense of hesitation. It was a wonderful experience for all of us and a great way to nurture acceptance.

This week, I'll be meditating on inclusion and thoughtfulness. On the blog, I'll be sharing children's book recommendations with an emphasis on international children's books and books that teach inclusion -- all with corresponding activities (art, cooking and more!)

Wish I had a photo of the class with our son also in it, but this is still a great photo of the class with my husband. This was at a screening we did of their films. You can watch one of their films here
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  1. Very important concept to remember. We are always using teaching moments to drive this one home. Thanks for sharing.