Monday, April 23, 2012

The Morning After (Earth Day)

For Meditation Monday this week, I've selected #9 from Marc and Angel's List of 20 Things to Stop Doing to Others . #9 says "Stop being selfish: You get what you put into a relationship. Nothing less, nothing more." 

While this is an important reminder for our relationships with others, I've selecting it for the morning after Earth Day because it is equally important in our relationship with Mother Nature. If all we do is take, take, take, eventually there will be nothing for us in return. 

Thus, on this morning after Earth Day, I am focusing my meditations this week on not being selfish. I will concentrate on respecting the Earth, and I will pass this respect onto my children. 

These are 5 of my favorite simple earth-friendly tips:

  1. Drink tap water - filter it if you prefer, but drop the bottle. Bottled water generates a lot of waste (not just the bottles, but the resources to produce the bottles). Plus, bottled water is typically not any cleaner/better than your tap water (There are no safety standards for bottled water. There are rigorous safety standards for your tap water).  
  2. Start Meatless Monday AKA Eat More Vegetables - Animal agriculture is responsible for 51% of global greenhouse emissions. Eating more vegetables is better for your health, a great example for your family and better for the Earth.
  3. Once a week, walk, bike, take public transportation or carpool to a destination. 
  4. Compost - I used to be intimidated by the idea of composting, but discovered it's not hard. Plus, kids love helping with the composting process.
  5. Eat In - Skip the drive-thru and make food at home. The production of take out food uses a lot of resources and the packaging creates a lot of excess waste.

The bonus? Everything on this list will save you money (the average family of 4 spends $4k per year on bottled water), and will improve your health and your waistline. Wait - maybe we don't have to stop being selfish after all. ;)

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  1. Great ideas to keep the Earth in our minds all year long. One of the things I like least about our home is that we cannot walk, bike or take any public transport from our home. It was a huge adjustment bc we moved here from NYC where that is possible. But I try to be mindful of how often I drive to make up for the wasted fuel and combine outings to only go out once a day and sometimes take a no drive day and just enjoy time at home.

  2. What a wonderful post. Your 5 tips are so practical and easy to apply. Thanks for the suggestions.

  3. Lovely post on loving the Earth! I need to work harder to show the Earth how much I really do love it, because I really do. Thanks for the tips.