Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekly Kids Co-Op: Plastic Bottle Activities

As I continue my Making Something Out of Nothing Series leading up to Earth Day, I thought I'd focus on plastic bottles. We rarely have plastic bottles at home because I long ago decided not to buy water: saves money, waste and emissions. (We drink from the tap, and I'm in love with my reusable stainless steel water bottle). However, I know many of us have plastic bottles coming at the wha-zoo (from other beverages or because we may not be able/feel comfortable drinking our tap water).

When I ran an after-school program, our recycle bin was always full of plastic water bottles, so one day we decided to make fish!

Here's the 411: Take off the bottle cap and twist the bottom to make the back fin; Spread glue all over the plastic and paste squares of tissue paper of different shades for the fish scales. (I recycled tissue paper leftover from Christmas presents and baby gift bags); Cut fins out of construction paper and glue to the sides; Add google eyes.

Plastic bottles have lots of reuses/upcycles/artistic assets. Here's one of my favorite, innovative plastic bottle ideas: Blow Up a Balloon With It from Momto2PoshLilDivas! (And I know there are other plastic bottle ideas and other Earth Day activities below as part of the Weekly Kids Co-Op!)

Find out how, here!
Also, if you're interested in learning more about plastic bottle use in the U.S. and the importance of recycling, visit CRI (Container Recycling Institute). Last I checked, their ticker had over 36 million plastic bottles in U.S. landfills. Also, Take Back the Tap provides great resources/information about tap water safety, protecting ground water, water conservation and more (including curriculum resources).

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