Friday, May 25, 2012

It's Friday - Time for Kid's Co-Op & Pizza!!

Who doesn't love pizza? It's become one of my favorite go-to meals to make at home (I use store-bought pizza dough balls). Kid-friendly, fun to make, easy and with minimal dirty dishes, pizza making is a big hit in our house. Here's three of my favorite pizza varieties to get you inspired. Get creative and have fun!
The Simple Pizza: brush crust with olive oil, add sliced tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni.
Farmer's Market Pizza: spray with oil, add sliced carrots and cook 10 minutes, add asparagus, goat cheese, 10 more minutes.

Favorite Pizza: pesto, mozzarella, sliced mushrooms (pre-sauteed) and sausage (pre-grilled).

Tip: Save the flour you use for rolling the pizza out and use it for pretend cooking or play-dough. Plus, here's 5 other great pizza recipes/activities:


  1. Your pizza looks divine!

    Thank you for sharing our pizza science post!

  2. Oh yumo! Your pizza looks soooo good. We don't make pizza very often, should really give it a go ~ my son would enjoy it I'm sure.

    Thanks for sharing at Happy lil ❤'s are baking!

  3. Oh the pizza looks yumm... yumm... Thank you for linking into Made with Love.. :)