Friday, May 18, 2012

Planes, Trains & Automobiles: Busy Bags, Books, an Egg Carton(?) & More!

By the time this goes live, I will be flying high in the sky with Wild Thing (my toddler) and Caterpillar (my 9 month old) as we go across the country to see family. I'm sure we'll also take the subway and a car service (with carseats) at some point. We're excited about the adventure. Wild Thing keeps talking about getting to sleep on an airplane, since our flight there is an overnight flight. As long as nursing the baby conks him out, we'll be fine.

The flight, back however, provides more challenge as it's cross country during the day. Here's what I've planned for toddler/baby entertainment:

This egg carton full of surprises will be hidden from Wild Thing until the flight back. It's inspired by the egg games we did after Easter. There's 3 sets of eggs that having matching goodies (the monkey eraser, coins, and foam travel stickers). Those eggs provide opportunities for a matching through sound game. The die gives us a counting game, as I have eggs numbered 1-6. The pom-poms are fun to push through the egg carton when it is closed, and the yarn will be for stringing cheerios or fruit loops.  Another snack related activity will be sorting trail mix. It's great for fine motor skills and color matching. Plus, packing snacks provides a 2-in-1: food and fun!

Here's the trail mix sorting activity we'll be doing on the plane.
Wild Thing also gets to bring his own backpack (very important!) filled with special books: the amazing Quiet Book his grandma made him, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Brown, Brown Bear What Do You See? Since I have both in small board book form, they can be handed off to the baby with no worries of being ripped up or eaten. The backpack items were selected with the overnight flight in mind as they are quiet books and favorite items that comfort and calm both kids.
The small pockets contain 3 little transportation books that Wild Thing loves and a special bag with cards (his recent obsession-he pretends to check out books and pay for things), as well as 2 toys just for baby, and a piece of fabric with shape buttons sewn on. Caterpillar (baby) loves to play with this and Wild Thing loves identifying shapes.

I also put together a simple busy bag with a crayon roll up (that's the baseball fabric), stickers, notebooks, a 3D coloring book (that comes with 3D glasses) and a small recipe book because Wild Thing seems to love them (thought this could be handy to have for potential wait times).

Finally, since my Wild Thing loves transportation and stickers, I've got special paper and foam stickers (from the Target clearance section) that can also keep him occupied in a pinch. They fit inside a handy reusable bag.

Travel with little ones can be intimidating, but it can also be worth it (this trip means my brother and my dad and his wife see the baby for the first time). Mamascout gives other great reasons to travel with kids. So, be fearless this summer and take a trip with your little ones. Here's some great blogs and resources to check out before you hop on/in a plane, train or automobile:


  1. This is incredible. What an awesome resource for travelers with young kids!! Sharing this!! Erin

  2. Oh wow you are brave! I hope the trip goes ok, they certainly have lots to keep them occupied. I'm so impressed by your organisation. You'll have to do a follow up post on how it went.
    Thanks for linking to Kids Co-op

  3. That is a genius travelling resource and I am pinning this to my travel with kid boards.

    Thanks for sharing on Family Frolics.

  4. Love anything that keeps the kiddos busy while traveling. Thanks for adding your link to our Bowdabra Blog Showcase. Hope to see you back again, for our next Saturday Showcase.

  5. Thank you so much for linking up in our Saturday Showcase this past week! We were thrilled to have you and hope that you stop back in on Saturday and link up more crafty ideas!

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