Monday, May 14, 2012

S is for...Superhero and...

...Secret Identity. I'm bordering on being TWO days late (just like my first son) with my Mother's Day post. Yikes!!! But, alas, here it is -- a Mother's Day post about superheros, or rather about secret identities.

Much has been said about mothers being superheros. What often gets overlooked in the talk of mommy as superhero is the alter-ego, the secret identity. It shouldn't. Every mom has one - an identity and world that gets left behind so that she can delve into a world of messes and make-believe. (And lots of moms find themselves juggling both identities at once, hoping they don't arrive at the office with their superhero cape sticking out...or with kid food stains on their skirt). Me?

Receiving Founders' Award at the Riverside International Film Festival

I'm the "Movie Makin' Mama." In addition to being a mommy I'm an independent filmmaker. My latest film was produced while pregnant with my 2nd son and with my toddler going with me to get food, props, costumes, etc. The film, SMUGGLED, is currently on the film festival circuit. We took the family to an awards night because that seemed appropriate. (My husband wrote/shot/directed/edited the film).

In preparing to talk about Mommy Superheros, I sent out a call to a great group of other blogging caregivers asking about their secret identities and absolutely LOVED what I discovered:

Iron Woman (AKA Sense of Wonder who is a welder - how cool is that?)

Super Shape Shifter (AKA At Home with Ali who quickly changes from coal miner to environmental geographer to graphic designer to mommy in the blink of an eye)

The Justice Leaguettes (AKA military women from Kids Stuff World and Critters and Crayons - you can read about her secret identity with her Company Command here).
Turtle Defending Toddler Tamer (AKA Rainy Day Mum whose secret identity includes being a conversationist who saves sea turtles)

Master of Medicine and Magic (AKA Mama Smiles who has a PhD in Medicine)

Bewitching Brewer (AKA Creative with Kids. Her and her husband own a craft brewery, Mother Road Brewing Co.) 

Dazzler of Design (AKA Kids Creative Chaos who was an architect)

Cupcake Captain (AKA Famiglia & Seoul because of her baking prowess) and

The Crafting Countess (AKA Red Ted Art, who is the UK's answer to Martha Stewart -- plus, she actually is a countess).

I couldn't get to everyone, (like the sink fixing runner at Little Moments, the amazingly brilliant mover and shaker and her heavy metal hubby over at Glittering Muffins and others), but rest assured that if the group was ever together in the same place we could revolutionize education, have our own small army prepared to undertake successful humanitarian interventions, fix many environmental problems/disasters and build a crafting empire to rival Martha Stewart all while playing our own amazing theme song!

So - Happy Mother's Day to Mommy Superheros everywhere -- even if it is a day (or 2) late!! Oh - and to see what amazing kid stuff all these superheros do, check out the Kid Blogger Network Activities & Crafts pinboard or find activities by entering search items in the custom search below.


  1. This post really made me smile! Such a fun idea :-). Thanks for including my "alter ego"!!!!


  2. You did a lovely job!! Thanks for sharing it!!

  3. This is such a fun post!!! Thanks for sharing my "secret" identity :) Absolutely adore the way you wrote this up!

  4. Oh, this is just brilliant. Genius and brilliant. Your life sounds so fascinating. I'm going to check out your documentary! We really never know what lies beneath the surface of a mom- many assume we all morph into the same person without pasts, goals, or achievements. You really highlight that every single woman in the world hold surprises inside of her. Thank you!

  5. I love learning about all of out Secret Powers! :D Thanks!

  6. I'm very proud and think I need a turtle defender toddler tamer cape... or at least a t-shirt made up with it on :D Thank you for including me

  7. I love the names that you selected for everyone! So creative. :) Thanks for including me!

  8. I'd love to see your movies! It sounds so neat.

  9. Loved reading about the secret identity/alter ego within each of these blogger friends.

    What a fun post :-)

  10. Hey, I wanted to subscribe to you blog but can't figure out how. Am I missing something....

  11. Loved reading your post. Made me wonder what my alter ego might be...

  12. this was just the greatest! i chuckle each time i read through that list! trying now to figure out what mine would be :)

    thanks for linking up to tip-toe thru tuesday!

  13. getting to know everyone this way was SO much fun! Thank you for doing this and I am so terribly impressed, award shows and toddlers and babies oh my! We really can do it ALL. Happy to be included and love, love, love the term Justice Leaguette :)

  14. Thanks for visiting my blog! What a cool list of alter-egos!!