Saturday, June 16, 2012

Kids Co-Op: "From the Mouth of Mamas!"

Once again, it's time for the Weekly Kids Co-Op, which always has so many creative activities linked-up. Each week, I've decide to share a great blog project from a Co-Op participant.

Last week, it was Small Hands Creating Hope.

This week, From the Mouth of Mamas from B. Inspired Mama! 

In this helpful, informative and funny series, featured each Thursday, she shares "kid-tested tips and parenting solutions for a specific parenting challenge 'from the mouths of moms.'"

Make sure you head over to her site today to see what's new, and subscribe to her blog, so that this great resource comes your way each week.

Last week's tips on potty training hit home for me, as we have been tinkering with the process with Wild Thing (my toddler). Now, if I could get baby brother to realize the potty is not a toy, that would help a lot!!

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