Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kids Co-Op: Little Hands, Big Hearts

Small Hands Creating Hope
I've come to enjoy the Kids Co-Op each week not only because of the great activities that I find in the link-up, but because I use it as an opportunity to highlight one great activity from the previous week a great blog project from a  Co-Op participant.

She's teamed up with a fantastic group of bloggers to put together a book filled with ideas for projects children can make to bring hope to cancer patients as a way to mark 30 years since her own cancer diagnosis. (She is cancer free now). 

The project and its title remind me of an experience I had with my toddler when he was about 1. We were at a restaurant, and he's sitting in a high chair babbling away when an elderly woman comes by. She rests her hand on his high chair, and he immediately reaches over and touches her hand lovingly. When she left, she told me that she lived in a nursing home and that his touch would fill her with happiness and love for the week -- little hand, big heart -- really big impact. 

Little hand touching his 1 day-old brother!

Please participate with the Small Hands Creating Hope project by considering donating to the American Cancer Society, downloading the ebook, and joining me (and so many others) at the Small Hands Creating Hope Twitter Party on June 12th.
Donate to the American Cancer Society

Here's some other thoughts on spreading kindness from MamaScout and Famiglia and Seoul, and this story of young kids raising money for other kids in need.


  1. I love the story about your son and that lady - and the photo is incredibly sweet.

    Thank you so much for featuring Small Hands Creating Hope!

  2. What a touching story. Children can bring so much joy to others in the precious little things they do.

  3. Just a beautiful story about your son loving another! thank you!