Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ten for Tuesday: Puppets for Storytime

Wild Thing LOVES books, and he wears them out -- even the board books. So, we recently created simple storytime puppets using a book that had seen better days. Storytelling is great for Early Literacy and Language Development for toddlers/preschoolers. Props make storytelling so much more fun. 

With these puppets made from a well-worn Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? book, he liked to make the animals talk demonstrating each of their unique sounds. 

In honor of puppets, storytelling and summer reading, here's 10 easy puppets you can make with (or for) your little readers.  Plus, the list features many puppets made using recycled materials, so these puppets go easy on your pocketbook.

1. Take a worn out book, and make puppets! (We got creative with the dog, children and teacher because those parts of the book were too worn to use).

2. You can also use craft foam and craft sticks to make puppets, like the 3 little pig puppets from Make, Do and Friend.

3. Paper bag puppets are a classic favorite. I love these Chewy Louie puppets from Adventures in Reading with Kids.

4. These finger puppets made from gloves might be one of the most clever of the simple puppets I've seen. Make, Do and Friend strikes again with her duck finger puppets.  

5. I love shadow puppets and might just have to call Make Do and Friend our puppet queen for the day as she also made the list with her fun Halloween shadow puppets!

6. What about a puppet of your child made from a photo? That's what they did over at the Golden Gleam -- plus they attached the photo to a branch to go with their puppet show about growing.

7. No puppet list is complete without a sock puppet. When you have a sock with no match because your washer or dryer ate its mate, that's when you make a sock puppet!

8. Made by Joel is a site I love, and their paperclip puppets show you why. Head over to their site to see how they use paperclips and cardboard to make puppets that stand up on their own.

9. Red Ted Art has a dragon round-up, from Chinese New Year, that features several dragon puppets, including puppets made from egg cartons, cut out handprints and cardboard tubes, so head over to her site and check it out!

10. Woodbury Middlebury used pipe cleaners to make finger puppets.

I hope these puppet ideas motivate you to make some puppets and do some storytelling and pretend play with your kids this summer.

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  1. What a great round-up! I love your idea to take worn out books and make puppets! We have lots of doubles with popular board books and that is a great way to use them. Thanks for the idea and including our Chewy Louie puppets!

  2. I am loving these ideas! thank you for sharing I am really keen to make shadow puppets another one for the summer pin it list.

  3. Great ideas -I love using puppets ant work but haven't made any at home- think that may have to change!

  4. Puppets are such fun! At our playgroup we have a puppet story at the end ~ so magical. And I love making puppets too ~ we often tell stories with toys and props from around the house. Makes stories come alive in a different way! Thanks for sharing at Happy Family Times :-)

  5. this is a fantastic round up of puppetry. I've been inspired. Thanks for sharing

  6. What a great roundup of puppet ideas...i had forgotten all about this fantastic medium! Thanks for sharing with the Weekly kids Co-Op!

  7. Ooh we love love love puppets and all of these are ADORABLE! So cute.


  8. What a great round up for puppets. My daughter loves making puppets, I will have to try out some of e other methods.

    Thanks for linking to the Sunday Showcase

  9. love this round-up of ideas and need to do more with puppets!

  10. These are great ideas, but I can't get into the site that has the Chewy Louie puppets - it says you must be invited. How does one go about doing that?