Monday, July 30, 2012

Green Bean Fries

Getting kids to eat veggies can be tricky, however green bean fries might just entice them. Either way, they'll have fun making them with you -- Wild Thing and I had a blast making this yummy vegetable side dish that emulates, I've read, the TGIF appetizer. We dipped them in a ranch dip we made using yogurt instead of sour cream to keep it a bit lighter and healthier. I recommend using fresh green beans, which are in season right now making it a perfect time to give them a try.

To make the frying process easier and faster, setting up all of the ingredients and having everything ready before you heat the oil is important. 

After boiling the green beans for about 3 minutes, drain them and put them in an ice bath (I was tempted to skip this step, but don't). Pat them dry (they don't have to be completely dry). The green beans then go through the batter assembly line: flour, egg, and panko bread crumbs. (This was Wild Thing's favorite part). 

Drop them in the hot oil (it must be hot) and give them a quick fry (make sure they are completely submerged). When you get that nice golden color, take them out using a spider or something similar and put on a paper towel to drain off the excess oil. 


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  1. Oooh! We will have green beans ready in the garden soon! I have never had green beans prepared this way—time to try! ~heather

  2. These look really tasty, and a great idea ~ like tempura :-) Thanks for sharing on Happy lil ❤'s are baking!!