Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kid's Co-Op: Link-Up & Play!

From this past week's co-op, Dirt and Boogers' post about her 2 year-old being given an old camera stuck out for me because of my own little one's affinity for cameras. (That's her little one to the left with his camera). 

We gave Wild Thing (our son) a camera for his second birthday, and his photos sometimes make the blog. Recently, he took a pretty good picture of me making our 3 ingredient no-bake cookies. 

That day, he also wanted to take a photo of our coffeemaker -- hmm, does that mean my toddler understands all too well the importance of this morning ritual in my life? (His photos continue to improve. Many of his earlier photos were featured in a post about our color hunt nature walk.)

What creative tools do you like to give your little ones? Do they respond to the creative activities they see you doing? (I'm always taking photos for the blog, and my husband is always behind the camera making movies).

We took this photo last year when Wild Thing's initial interest in cameras began.

Please share your latest creative endeavors with your children and get some new ideas through this week's Co-Op!

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