Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kid's Co-Op: We Love Maps! Link Up + Play

Wild Thing loves maps. It all started when my brother (AKA "Uncle Thomas") moved to Thailand, and we explored Google Maps to see where he now lives for our Mama Smiles Exploring Geography: Thailand post.

We've discovered some
map activities that really come in handy in a pinch (like a hotel where run around room is limited) or at the kitchen table while I make dinner. 

That's why from last week's Kid's Co-Op, I absolutely loved the "Where in the World is your Food From?" map activity from Kid World Citizen.  

Since we live in Southern California and are able to support local farmers, I would love to use a State of California map and look at all the distinct places in our own state that allow us to eat healthy and delicious fruits and vegetables that require less transit! 

What are your favorite map activities? Please share!


1 comment:

  1. What a creative idea! Teaching childern to be entrepreneurial at a young age.
    We at 2nd Take love this idea for kids.