Friday, August 31, 2012

Pancake Topper Taste Test (Who Needs IHOP?)

Does anyone else have a Sunday morning brunch tradition? Does it involve pancakes?

How about making your weekend pancake family tradition a bit more exciting with a pancake topper taste test? We did a very simple one recently, but you can certainly get really creative and fancy (or do a Waffle topping taste test instead) -- I'm thinking whip cream, cherries, berries, apple get the idea.

I used 4 items we had on hand: maple syrup (of course - the real stuff), agave nectar (recently on sale at Sprouts), orange blossom honey from a local farmer, and applesauce.

Our pancakes were actually corn pancakes made from a corn muffin mix (that's my toddler's favorite pancakes).

The winner: ORANGE BLOSSOM HONEY! (Although, Wild Thing liked the Agave Nectar bottle the best -- yes, these things also matter very much to a toddler - he also seemed to like that the most after the honey, so maple syrup actually came in at #3).

The top left-hand corner had the pancake w/honey - clearly eaten the quickest.
I think honey goes especially well with corn mix pancakes.

What's your favorite pancake topping? Or, simple share your favorite pancake tradition or recipe - we'd love to add your pancake creativity or tradition to our next pancake making or testing experience.


  1. We LOVE pancakes - a topper taste test sounds fabulous.

  2. Nutella is yummy...lots of calories but yummy

  3. We go through a lot of Farmers Market Honey for the kids- but I actually prefer deep amber maple syrup! We haven't tried corn pancakes but have fallen in love gluten-free rice flour based pancakes- The other type we love are Whole Wheat Flax pancakes from scratch. I have not tried agave nectar yet other than some coconut milk agave dairy free ice cream sandwiches I've had. :)