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6 Days, 6 Ways + My 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

As Hunger Action Month draws to a close, this final week in September concludes with the 6 Days of Good Campaign hosted by the Kevin Bacon charity Six Degrees. It is a fundraising challenge that allows individuals or groups to create a fundraising page for their favorite charity that is working to end hunger. Then, through the 6 degrees network, you encourage others to donate. At the end of the week, the top pages with the most donations (not the greatest dollar amount) wins challenge grants from Kevin Bacon for their charity. (The first place amount is $6,000). Here is our Moms Fighting Hunger charity page.

In honor of this I am featuring 6 Days + 6 Ways, 1 simple way a day to support hunger awareness and help end hunger.
  • Meatless Monday/Meals on Wheels  - I have 2 options. Go Meatless! (Pretty simple, actually and last Monday I featured 30+ veggie recipes) or support Meals on Wheels. I love this post from Dirtiest Kids in the World about doing just that.
  • Tweeting Tuesday - Spreading awareness and increasing exposure for organizations working to fight hunger really does matter. Last Tuesday, through a major tweeting campaign, Weight Watchers donated money to No Kid Hungry for every tweet using the #loseforgood hashtag.  As of Sept. 17, 5k NKH tweets by 1k tweeters = 10+ million reached and 56 million impressions. Here is a post full of tweets for your consideration.
  • One Dollar Wednesday - #iusedtothink was another hashtag trending for NKH last week. I used to think that one dollar was not much, but I have learned that for many organizations working to end hunger, a one dollar donation can actually become $10-$13 in food for families in need. So, if all you do is donate $1 to No Kid Hungry, Feeding America, The Dinner Garden, Oxfam, or your local food pantry, that is truly something that can make a difference. Or you could donate to Share Our Strength-No Kid Hungry through the Moms Fighting Hunger charity page and help us reach our goal and win a challenge grant from Six Degrees.
  • Thankful Thursday - Make a thank you card (this is a fun one to do with your child) for your local food bank. These people work hard to help others, it is nice for them to hear that their hard work is appreciated. You could also send a quick email of thanks instead.
  • Fundraising Friday - Donate! Donate! Donate! But is about fundraising not just your own donation, so  ask at least one other person to consider donating to an organization working to end hunger as well. Remember, even $1 makes a difference. If you have set up a 6 Degrees fundraising page, focus on a strong push for the end of your fundraising week - or help donate through the Moms Fighting Hunger charity page and encourage others to as well.
  • Share Our Strength Saturday - Share the message/Send a virtual postcard to a Congressional Representative. It is easy to share - on Facebook, go to No Kid Hungry, Feeding America, Moms Fighting Hunger and share their latest status update or just create your own message to spread the word about the importance of ending hunger. 
While we are on the subject of 6 Degrees. I decided to see if I could connect myself to Kevin Bacon in 6 degrees. I am not an actress (typically the game connects through actors only), but I am an independent film producer, so I thought I would give it a whirl. Here it goes:

1st Degree: Ramon Hamilton, Writer/Director of the latest film I produced, SMUGGLED.

2nd Degree: Jay Bluemke, Director and Co-Executive Producer of DOING DAVINCI, a television series that Ramon (who is also my husband) worked on as a Project Facilitator.

3rd Degree: Vivica Fox, as herself in the documentary MY NAPPY ROOTS: A JOURNEY THROUGH BLACK HAIR-TAGE, which Jay Co-Directed and Produced.

4th Degree: Daryl Hannah who was in KILL BILL VOL. 1 with Vivica Fox.

5th Degree: Tom Hanks was in SPLASH with Daryl Hannah.

Tom Hanks is my 6th Degree to Kevin Bacon, since they were in Apollo 13 together. 

Of course, after I figured that out I went on IMDb Pro and discovered this:

1st Degree: Ryan Young, Sound Editor and Recordist on the first feature-length film I produced, THE HIDING.

2nd Degree: Kevin Bacon, who directed Waivers of Extradition, an episode of THE CLOSER, for which Ryan was the ADR Mixer.

Of course, the game traditionally is all about actors, but I had fun putting a twist on it and seeing if I was also separated from Kevin Bacon by a simple 6 Degrees! What is even better, though, is that he and I both share a commitment to end hunger.

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