Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ten for Tuesday: Tweeting for No Kid Hungry

UPDATE: A special thanks to everyone who tweeted, shared and encouraged others to tweet today. Moms Fight Hunger. We estimate that at least 131 tweets with #loseforgood were tweeted by the group, which means $131 today alone (translating to more than 1,300 meals). Plus, we also engaged people to do FB shares, likes and repins, as well as new followers for No Kid Hungry. We estimate $150 more dollars from that. 

The tweet campaign that initiated this original post this morning may be done, but tweeting can still help spread awareness, so keep tweeting, and thanks for being involved. 

Original Post: Today one of the easiest things you can do to support No Kid Hungry and help feed children and families in need is tweet! Really, it is that simple. For every tweet using the hashtag #loseforgood and #nokidhungry, Weight Watchers will donate $1 up to $50,000. Please, get your twitter on today!!

$1 can make a big difference - often translating to between $10-13 worth of food, so if you tweet all 10 of these, that is $10, which can have the impact of $100 or more! Consider tweeting with us as part of the Moms Fight Hunger Team! http://teamnokidhungry.org/index.php You can also follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/MomsFightingHunger

  • For every new Twitter follower @nokidhungry gets today @WeightWatchers will donate $1 up to 50k #loseforgood #nokidhungry #momsfighthunger
  • Pls RT! Today is Lose-A-Palooza. For every tweet mentioning #LoseForGood, @WeightWatchers will donate $1 to #NoKidHungry. #momsfighthunger
  • Hunger affects 16.2 million American kids – that’s 1 in 5. http://nokidhungry.org/ #nokidhungry #loseforgood #momsfighthunger
  • we have a world that is stuffed and starved w/lots of hunger and obesity. you can help. #nokidhungry #loseforgood #momsfighthunger
  • Every child should be guaranteed a nutritious start to the day. http://nokidhungry.org #nokidhungry #momsfighthunger #loseforgood
  • This week Dine Out for #momsfighthunger #nokidhungry  http://join.strength.org/site/PageServer?pagename=GADO_homepage #loseforgood
  • “Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future." -JFK #momsfighthunger #loseforgood #nokidhungry
  • Can of Beans-$1, Cup of coffee-$1.5-$2, Specialty drink-$3-$4.  You can help feed a family #momsfighthunger #nokidhungry #loseforgood
  • We R raising the largest generation of kids in hard times since  depression http://bit.ly/UhQeDI #nokidhungry #loseforgood #momsfighthunger  
  • everyone can help. 1 dollar can help provide 10 meals. 1 tweet can help spread awareness #NoKidHungry #momsfighthunger #loseforgood
  • Also check out our No Kid Hungry Blog Hop for more ideas for getting involved!
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    1. I love your bucket list. What wonderful ways to give to others.