Saturday, October 6, 2012

Family Movie Night: Making Memories

I love sharing treasured memories and favorites from my childhood with Wild Thing and Caterpillar. In fact, that is how our Where the Wild Things-themed room for Wild Thing came to be. Last night, we had a Family Movie Night featuring one of my favorite movies from childhood: E.T. The 30th anniversary of the release of the film was Oct. 3rd, so it seemed appropriate timing.

Caterpillar did not really watch it at all, but enjoyed snuggling with us on the couch (he is 14 months old). My husband and I enjoyed the nostalgic evening, and Wild Thing thought the frogs and flying bicycles were cool and could not decide if E.T. was a dog or dinosaur.

To make it special, we had Reese's Pieces (of course), and I set the table with Sunflowers. They should be Marigolds, but I never made it to the Garden Store so I just got Sunflowers at the grocery store instead. We had fun with our snacks too making two different E.T. finger food items: breadsticks with marinara sauce and pretzel rods with red pepper hummus. Both were the closest we could come to making snacks that looked like E.T.'s glowing finger.

It is a great film for Halloween and to get kids engaged about space. A family movie night featuring E.T. could be followed the next day by space and moon activities:

Or, you could make Glowing Jello in honor of E.T.s glowing finger, or simply taking a family bike ride.

I vividly remember seeing E.T. as a child and recently had friends share touching stories of their memories of the film too, including a story from a friend about how the film helped him deal with the loss of his grandfather and of how valuable it is to see a story of two very different beings becoming so close (Elliot and E.T., of course).  I agree that the way Elliot does not fear E.T., who is so different, but embraces and comes to love E.T. is the most valuable aspect of this film and one of the main reasons I cherish it and love sharing it with my own kids for many years to come.

A special commemorative DVD comes out Oct. 9th, so if you have a major E.T. fan in your life, consider an E.T. movie night gift: Reeses pieces, marigolds, the movie (unless they already have it) and, depending on the friend, a 6 pack of Coors -- and maybe some plastic frogs.

I love family movie night! How about you? What are your favorite family movie night flix or traditions? 

Here are two of my favorite posts from Let's Lasso the Moon about Family Movie Night:  Five Must Read Roald Dahl Movie Pairings and Popcorn for Dinner

Perfect timing too, since it is World Space Week (Oct. 4-10)!

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my moon post!

  2. Looks like a brilliant idea for movie night. We watched ET recently but it was a little scary for my 5 yo - she's a bit of a wuss! Then again I remember being scared when I saw it when I was little. I guess she takes after me.

    Thanks for including our sensory bin!

  3. Great ideas, Jennifer! We have such wonderful memories from family movie nights when our kids were young. It's hard to believe E.T. came out 3 years before our son was even born! Thanks so much for including a link to my Moon Unit post! I pinned your post to my Astronomy Unit Study Board at

  4. Thanks for linking to The Sunday Showcase. I will share this on our board!

  5. Thanks for linking up to the Martian blog hop. ET is a good choice. In fact, this is the third post naming him as a favorite. I think that gives him a tie with Dr. Who as the most named. My choice was Mork. Julie @

  6. An ET night would be so fun! :)