Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kids Co-Op: Wild Thing Picks + Link-Up & Play!

This week, I looked through the Kids Co-Op posts from last week on my own, but Wild Thing also climbed into my lap and pointed out which posts he wanted to see. (I absolutely love it when my ever-growing and ever-independent almost 3 year-old snuggles up with me on my lap.)

So, today I am sharing some of his favorites. He actually wanted to look at quite a lot of them, so I picked two from the many, many that he wanted to explore.

From Train Up A Child
We go through lots of milk jugs around here and recently made pumpkins with our orange milk jug caps, so this would be another great upcycle Halloween activity for us.

We have also used paint samples for play a lot, including Mickey Mouse ones before, so I think that is why this next post stuck out for Wild Thing.

From All Our Days

I would love to hear what you think of Wild Thing Picks! (I thought last week was a really great week, so thanks to everyone who linked up and shared and if you have not looked through the link-ups, circle back and do -- it is worth it!) 

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