Wednesday, October 10, 2012

(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday: Baby Wearing - Blog Hop!

October 8-14 is International Babywearing Week, so I looked back through photos and found some babywearing photos to share -- sadly, there were not as many photos as I would have hoped. Still, I loved babywearing and still wear Caterpillar (14 mo) from time to time. Most of the wraps I used were handmade by my mom, making it even more special. You will also see some babywearing in this special video my husband made of Wild Thing's first year. At the San Diego Zoo, in the video, I carried him in a wrap that was simply a great piece of a fabric a friend sent that I wrapped in the style of the Moby Wrap.

Babywearing Wild Thing at 6 months

Gama with Caterpillar

 My very talented mother made this wrap using a pair of pajama pants and a keepsake from my father.

Wearing Caterpillar when my brother graduated from Seminary in May.

Another photo from the ceremony.
This wrap, another that my mom made, was a lifesaver on my trip to NY for the graduation since I flew with Wild Thing (then 2.5) and Caterpillar (9 mo at the time) by myself. At the airport, I wore Caterpillar and had Wild Thing in a simple umbrella stroller. I also wore Caterpillar on the subway and getting around NYC. Here is what I took on the plane with me to occupy the boys during the trip.

I would actually love suggestions/recommendations on wraps for older babies/toddlers (20 lbs-ish) primarily for wearing them on the back (not necessarily for hiking, but more for around the house and running errands). Do you wear a bigger/older baby or young toddler? What carrier do you use?  



  1. Your mother is so talented! All of these wraps are gorgeous, as is the one I now carry Anna in!

  2. I love baby wraps... these are great pictures and I so admire you moms talent you are very lucky.

    Thanks for linking up to our wwHop9 :) at
    Happy Wednesday !

  3. Gorgeous babywearing :-) It's so nice having them tucked up next to us isn't it!

  4. I love your photos. :) I should have participated in the blog hop. We love babywearing and have more wraps than I care to admit, lol.