Thursday, October 18, 2012

Simple Ideas for Baby Play at Home #3

For my third post in my Baby Play at Home series (a monthly series I stumbled into in August), I am turning my blog over to other wonderful bloggers by sharing their favorite simple baby play activities that you can do with things you (probably) have at home.

I love Mama Smiles - one of my favorite blogs and this simple non-shape sorter box is a great idea, especially for encouraging independent play with your baby. You do not have to have an orange box. You could simply cut holes in any box. She also shares a favorite toy among her kiddos (baby and older kids included): a bottle filled with water and glitter. So clever, I am going to have to try it.

Another favorite blog of mine is NurtureStore, and this post explains, in a very clear and simple manner, how to make a treasure basket for your baby using, again, household items.  While it looks beautiful and you might at first think, whoa-I would have to get so many things, if you read the post you will see you really can do this with what you have. Oh, and if you do not have a basket, I see them all the time at thrift stores for $1, or you could use a cardboard box. Here is more from her on heuristic play for babies or un-toys (i.e. things you have at home).

Have a little one that likes to pull the wipes out of the container? Do you cringe at the loss of wipes? Are you thinking, now I have to drive to the store to get more? Money down the drain? Well, Frugal Fun For (4) Boys has got you covered with the perfect solution and a great baby play idea: fabric wipes in an empty wipe container. All the fun of pulling them out with none of the mess. I also love her idea of putting ping pong balls in a container - lots to see and hear for baby with that activity.

I recently had the pleasure of guest posting at The Educators' Spin On It. The two posts of hers that I am sharing are right up my alley because, if you have read my blog at all, you know that I am all about activities that come out of the recycle bin. (Our recent milk cap pumpkins are a case in point).

Babies love exploring sound, so their simple musical instruments that you can make for baby are a great idea. You just need containers and rice or dried beans. If you did not want to use food items, you have other options. I have seen people use small erasers, pennies, paperclips and pony beads. I also love the idea of creating your own blocks for baby using cereal/cracker boxes and covering them with family photos. Babies love stacking and block play. (We often use different sized containers to stack and experiment with here for Caterpillar.) 

Does your baby have a favorite toy that is actually a household item? I would love to know what it is or find out how you use what is in your recycle bin to get creative for and with your little ones. Share in the comments or at The Good Long Road on Facebook. And for more great baby play ideas, follow this Play {Babies} Collaborative Pinterest started by Tinkerlab.

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  1. That is a great collection of fun ideas to do with babies. I love that you have all the ideas summarized (and usefully expanded) in one place for easy reference. Your series is wonderful.

  2. A great gathering of baby activities! I used to use colorful scarves (like for scarf dancing, not the kind you wear around your neck in winter!) in a wipes container when I was an infant teacher at a preschool. It was always a hit, and great to put away and bring out for special playtime! So fun. :)