Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Black Friday Confession

Yes, I have a Black Friday Confession
and my confession is not that I have a Black Friday obsession
Nor do I wait for Small Business Saturday to splurge
or Cyber Monday to grab all the amazing internet deals that emerge

My Black Friday Confession is that on Friday I stay home
In fact I cannot remember the last time that on that Friday I did roam
out to the stores to find some amazing deals
I found that family time at home had much more appeal

This year I plan to keep this tradition that is now so special to me
staying at home with my precious family
I do plan, however to add a new spin
and to do so with a big grin, grin, grin

You see after Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are through
a new dawn rises this year for me and for you
to give in a new way and celebrate the spirit of the season
through Giving Tuesday, and this is my reason

When Wild Thing got his birthday money this year
his instinct was to give and to share
not to buy a new toy or candy or train gear
He wanted to give his money to his favorite coffee cashier

I believe he has learned, already at three
that giving feels better than receiving you see
He enjoys her big grin and thank you sincere
When he leaves a tip jar at our coffee shop so dear

So, I join Wild Thing and, hopefully, all of you
in making sure that we support Giving Tuesday too
Feel free to battle the crowds so fierce on Friday for deals
support local businesses on Saturday or click click click on Monday for steals

Please also consider finding a charity or two
something that has special meaning just for you
and give what you can, perhaps in honor of others
I truly believe in the giving power of us as mothers.
Thanks for letting me indulge in a silly poem to invite you to consider budgeting your spending this week so that you can include participating this year in Giving Tuesday. 

Please also understand that I know many people really enjoy finding deals and participating in the shopping fun on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. For Cyber Monday, consider shopping Etsy and other online sources that allow you to support small businesses and individual artists and artisans. I do hope, if you do prefer to shop this weekend, that you choose to support local businesses, including local thrift stores that often do so much for our communities. Also consider supporting other great mom/kids activities bloggers this weekend through the Learning Through Play eBook Bundle that gives you several eBooks all for $9.99 when purchased this weekend. 

This year for Giving Tuesday, I will be supporting No Kid Hungry through my continued commitment to support their effort to end child hunger in the U.S., where in 1 in 5 (16 million) children struggle with hunger. For Hunger Action Month in September, I shared 10 easy ways families/kids could get engaged to fight hunger

A simple way to start is to take the pledge at No Kid Hungry. I also invite you to follow Moms Fighting Hunger on Facebook to stay involved. Please, support whatever non-profits, causes and charities are dear to your heart this holiday season - Giving Tuesday is a great time to start. Also, spread the word through using #GivingTuesday on Twitter, Instagram, FB, etc.

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  1. This is a wonderful post - and what a sweet little boy you are raising. We will participate in Tuesday Giving!

  2. You are doing a wonderful job mama. This made me smile. What a lovely little guy you have. :)

  3. LOVE your poem!!! And idea! Wonderful. I'd love to participate too.

  4. This is a great idea! I really enjoyed your poem.

  5. What a wonderful poem and a great cause!