Thursday, November 29, 2012

Weekly Kid's Co-Op: Ice Play-Babies Thru Pre-K

I have a confession. I love seeing all the great Christmas and Holiday Arts, Crafts, Baking, etc. everyone is doing, but still have not put up any Christmas/Holiday decor at our house and only just today did a Christmas craft with Wild Thing whose excitement over the Christmas tree up at the community center when he has play group finally got me in gear.

Don't misunderstand, it is not that I do not enjoy the holidays and getting into the spirit, but I am one of those people who finds it hard to get going with it before December. So, while lots of great Holiday activities/Christmas crafts jumped out from the activities linked-up with the Co-Op last week, in the end I decided to highlight the great Colored Ice Play from Octavia and Vicky -- mainly because Ice Play is such a hit at our house with both Caterpillar (for several months now) and Wild Thing.

What is so great about this post on Colored Ice Play is not only the variety of activities they do with the colored ice, but also the way she engages her daughter with these activities -- having her make predictions. She provides many fun, natural learning experiences. She inspired me to share the ways that we play with colored ice and to do more ice play soon, which is perfect in Southern California in the Winter, since we do not get snow!

The first time we played with ice, it was these heart-shaped ice cubes (I got the ice shaped tray for 99 cents at Ikea) made with beet juice. I set up a very open-ended play opportunity with the ice cubes and some clothespins (so he could see how the melting cubes stained/colored the clothespins). He expanded the play experience significantly - eating the ice (only way I have ever gotten him to eat beets), blowing on the melted ice and then asking for a paint brush so that he could paint with it. The painting must have been his favorite thing because he asked to make more colored ice (this time we used food coloring and I let him help make the ice) so that he could paint his cars. (The food colored water from the ice cubes does not stay on the cars, so it is a fun activity with no permanent effect).

I pleasantly discovered that Caterpillar loved ice play too - the cold, slippery ice that literally disappears before his eyes makes ice great sensory play for babies. Sensory ice play in the high chair has come in handy while Mommy makes dinner. :) 

Certainly looks like a smile of approval to me!

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