Friday, November 2, 2012

Weekly Kid's Co-Op: Inspired by...Link-Up + Play {In Season}

If you saw our Autumn Nature Sensory Bin or follow the blog on Facebook, you know that we have a lot of pine cones (you only see a few in the bin, but we actually have 13!!). So, this week I drew inspiration from the Kid's Co-Op from previous weeks and set up a pine cone decorating and leaf painting Invitation to Play for Wild Thing (during Caterpillar's nap because I do not think I could have handled having the 15 month old also trying to engage with the paint, glitter, glue and pointy pine cones). 

Here are the posts that gave us our inspiration: Kitchen Counter Chronicles with her Fallen Leaves Ghosts, Making Boys Men with her post of 7 things to do with pine cones, Putti's World Painted Leaf Ghosts and Monsters, In Lieu of Preschool with her Tree of Thanks, and a great Autumn Tree Decorating post from Taming the Goblin.

This was our set-up, and I have to credit The Imagination Tree with this turn of phrase-Invitation to Play!

Painting was definitely his favorite thing to do with the pine cones and leaves. Once the decorating was done, we hung the pine cones and leaves in some trees outside. My goal was to hang them all in one tree that is completely dead, but Wild Thing wanted to spread the decorations around, so that is what we did! So much fun!! To see our trees before and more about our set up, make sure you are following on Facebook! We shared this at Craft Moms Share: Sharing Saturday.

I shared this activity as part of The Sunday Showcase and Outdoor Families Fall Activities Link Up
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall Photobucket  
Day 2 of 21: Today, I am grateful for Mother Nature. She nurtures our family - body, mind and soul through providing healthy grains, fruits and vegetables, etc. to eat as well as beautiful pine cones, leaves and trees to bolster our creativity and imaginations.  


  1. So much fun!! We have so many pine cones as well. Love the different activities with them. Thank you so much for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  2. thanks for sharing your nature play - featuring it on this week's Sunday Showcase.

  3. The kids coop is a lovely fit with Country Kids, some great ideas linked up here which would be good for both. Thank you for linking with me on Country Kids, I think your leaf and cone decorations could be great as a Xmas idea too.