Friday, November 23, 2012

Weekly Kid's Co-Op: Wild Thing Picks (#2)

Since I love art and play activities that use recycled materials (as any regular reader knows), my initial instinct was to feature the many cool art activities and holiday items from the co-op last week that were made from recycled materials. However, Housing A Forest already did that. (Yeah!) So, I encourage you to check out her post too. 

(If you love creating art and play experiences from recycled materials, check out my Recycled Play/Art post featuring many of my favorite activities from the blog using recycled materials, any of the posts in my Simple Baby Play Series, and any of the three posts in my Things That Go! Series, all of which highlight lots of ways to use recycled items to create cars, trucks, trains, etc.)

In terms of features from the co-op last week, I decided to (again) let Wild Thing (my 3 year-old) pick. He must have been hungry because 2 of his 4 favorite ones were fun snacks. Here are his picks (and his commentary).

(The Rice Krispie Train is ours that he wanted me to add.)

I just realized that the last time Wild Thing picked, he also selected a monster-related item. We have never done a monster craft (nor has he seen any of the Monsters, Inc. movies), but it seems that it might be time to get some monster books, check out one of the movies and create some monsters! 

What have you been up to? Please link-up and play!!


  1. Thanks for sharing all of these great ideas!

  2. I love that we both enjoy crafting with recycled material. Thanks for mentioning my blog features this week. I also love that your little man choose our Poppies this week:) Thanks again!