Sunday, December 16, 2012

{Family Time} One (Very Special) Week of Christmas Presence

Behind on Christmas Countdown activities? 
Wishing you had done an Advent Calendar?
Or, perhaps you set these up, but the bustle of school, holiday parties, family photos, and other holiday functions have left them all half done.
It is not too late - join us for

One Week of Christmas Presence! 

For our family this year, we are engaged in Operation Christmas Presence (rather than presents), which means focusing on being present with one another as a family and on being present to others through activities like our 12 Days of Christmas Giving and Random Acts of Kindness Adventure. I notice that this has helped us have a stress-free, fulfilling holiday.

Until today, there was only one special present under our tree - a gold box with blank index cards in it. On these cards, I write down those special moments -- in particular moments in which I have been completely present to my children, rather than trying to play with them and do a million other things.

Today I added a special Santa Bag (made from a recycled t-shirt) that has 7 reusable gift bags in it. (My mom made all of the bags - I am trying to get her to do a tutorial for the blog.) Each bag has something in it that relates to or represents the family activity we will do together. We will be start opening the bags on Dec. 17th and finish on Christmas Eve.

We still need to add one more bag/activity, that is where you come in! Share your favorite Christmas presence activity with us and then check back to see which one we pick. (You can share it in the comments or on The Good Long Road Facebook page). So far, we have: Hot Cocoa Night
Movie Night (Popcorn+ Cameraman Smurf), 
I Spy Christmas Light Adventure (bike lights), 
Game Night (dice in a bag), Christmas Dance Party (old iPod Shuffle), SHARE Card to encourage us all to pick at least one item to donate and for mom and dad to share a story from their childhood Christmas with the kids, and a MAKE Card. Originally I was going to put chocolate chips in the bag to make Christmas cookies together, but I decided to keep it open, so we will just decide at the time what to make together as a family -- it could be cookies, it could be breakfast, it could be a short film (hubby and I are independent filmmakers), who knows?

I decided to start on the 17th is because that day marks (unofficially) our vacation, which (when you run a family business) simply means, in our case, that my husband does not have any classes to teach, though we will both still be doing things for our business. Still, with classes all wrapped up for this semester, we will have a bit more time to focus on being together as a family and we plan to make the most of it! 

Consider joining us for a special week of Christmas Presence this year too! (I also toyed with doing this from Dec. 25-Jan.1st, and we still may do another round of Presence then too!)

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  1. Yay, so glad you shared this beautiful idea. We have had a busy but fun and emotionally draining week and tonight our advent calendar prompt was to sing O Holy Night and go outside and do some stargazing. We had more clouds then stars so we made shapes and played I spy and then ended praying for each other. All that to say it was the perfect ending for my emotionally busy week. TIME WITH MY PRECIOUS BOYs,HUSBAND and MOM! So that's my idea for ya :).

  2. I really love your Christmas presence this year- and this last week of special family activities sounds absolutely perfect.