Sunday, December 2, 2012

{Virtual Book Club for Kids} Move, Eat, Draw, Learn with Tomie DePaola

With the book club, I always try to do activities that involve moving (exercise/play), creative snacks, art and a fun learning activity all that connect to the book. This time, instead of choosing one book, we did activities connected to 3 different DePaola books: The Quilt Story, The Popcorn Book and I Love You, Sun I Love You, Moon (the bilingual version). We had a blast:

Move - My talented mother is a craft genius, seamstress extraordinaire, and a quilter. One of the quilts she made Wild Thing has matching blocks, so we created Quilt Twister. He also enjoyed pretending to be the item on the selected square and jumping from one matching square to the other.

Paper plate with a brad for spinner
Spinner was a fun toy by itself too
Quilt Jumping

Eat - This is a bit obvious. Since we read The Popcorn Book, we made popcorn. The twist was that we made very special popcorn: popcorn that pops right off the cob (which, I learned from the book, was the first type of corn). I cannot express how excited Wild Thing got watching and hearing the popcorn popping right off of the cob in our microwave. (Seriously, I just put it in the microwave and pressed start, no bag!) We got ours from our Abundant Harvest Organics farmshare box, but I looked online and discovered that Sur La Table sells it. 

I love how excited Wild Thing got watching the popcorn pop in the microwave - I wish I could have had a camera inside!
Draw - Back to The Quilt Story, I took a square piece of poster board and made a paper quilt for Wild Thing to color. Older kids could draw pictures in each square themselves. Also, this art activity could be extended through using paints, watercolors, stickers, etc. Wild Thing has been on a coloring kick, so I just kept it simple this time.

Learn - My husband is fluent in Spanish (he grew up speaking it with his mother). Unfortunately, it is not spoken in our home, despite how much we wish it was. (I only know a few words, which makes it hard to speak it at home). When I saw that the Tomie DePaola book I Love you Sun, I love You, Moon was available in a bilingual Spanish version, I had to get it because one of the Spanish things I do say to the boys is Te Amo (I love you). Using basic index cards, I made word and picture cards to correspond with much of the book with the Spanish word on one side and the English on the other. Wild Thing is excited about reading and spelling and in the early stages of discovering words, so I selected simple words. I like this activity because he can learn to match simple words, in English and Spanish, with their corresponding picture (and I build my Spanish vocab too).

I plan to do this activity regularly to reinforce the new Spanish vocabulary and to help him master the ability to identify these words in both languages.

Reading The Quilt Story while sitting on my special quilt.

I also read The Quilt Story to Wild Thing and told him my own quilt story - sharing about the very first and very special quilt my mother made for me. This quilt is made from fabric scrapes my mother saved from the outfits and dresses she made me from the time I was a baby through much of my life. She gave the quilt to me on my 18h birthday. It is truly a treasure and being able to show Wild Thing this quilt and share stories of my own childhood connected with the fabrics in the quilt was priceless.

Are quilts important in your family? Are there other items you have that contain special memories within them? How do you pass memories from your childhood onto your kids?

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  1. What wonderful activities! I can't wait to try the bilingual game with my son. Thanks for sharing at the Culture Swapper!

  2. What wonderful ideas to go with the books! So glad you finally got the books you wanted! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  3. We love Tomie dePaola books...but I've never seen "I love you Sun, I love you Moon!" How cool that it has a bilingual version too! Can't wait to find a copy to read with my kidlets. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you for sharing at "Say It Two Ways Thursdays". I love the bilingual game. It can be really hard to teach your non-native language. I'm fluent in Spanish and I have been really surprised how hard it is for me to speak Spanish all the time with Chiquita.

  5. I love the bilingual activity! I will definitely be trying it out when my son is older. We speak mostly Spanish at home and I'm always looking for new activities. I'm dropping by from Say It Two Ways Thursdays! :)