Thursday, December 6, 2012

Weekly Kid's Co-Op: Frugal Holiday Fun

Nearly 200 (188) activities were linked up to the Kid's Co-Op last week, including lots of great holiday posts so if you still need/want some Christmas craft ideas, revisit the link-up last week for lots of great ideas. 

Around here, we FINALLY did our first Christmas/Holiday craft - button Christmas trees, which turned into the creation of an entire Christmas Tree Lot that included a Daddy Tree, Mommy Tree and two smaller trees named after each of the boys - so fun!

Since we did button Christmas trees, I also loved checking out the Button Tree Sequencing Activity that Hey Mommy, Chocolate Milk shared last week.  

My other favorites included the Fun, Frugal Christmas Activities shared by The Iowa Farmer's Wife, especially this felt Gingerbread Man, since we have lots of felt just waiting for an activity. 

And, I also absolutely LOVED these burlap ornaments from Housing A Forest, a wonderful blog I only recently discovered - she and I share a love for crafts that utilize recycle materials (her burlap was from a coffee sack).

In addition to finally doing a Christmas craft, we have had a fun and busy week sharing 6 different activities (including microwave popcorn on the cob) we did with Tomie DePaola books as part of the Virtual Book Club for Kids, 12 creative gifts as part of a 12 Days of Christmas Giving project we are doing for a local family, including these creative turtle doves...

...and 15+ Activities related to Boats and Buses as #4 in our Things That Go! Ten for Tuesday series. Whew...(Oh and we did a really cool painting project today that I cannot wait to share!!). 


  1. Thanks for featuring our Burlap Ornaments! I too enjoy that we both have a love of using recycled materials!

  2. Thanks for the feature! And OY! your spam comments are no good on this post! Mine have been HORRIBLE lately, too! I'm shocked blogger didn't catch those 3!