Sunday, January 13, 2013

Inspired by Award Season - The Good Long Road in 2012

In addition to being the mother of Wild Thing and Caterpillar, I am also an independent filmmaker. My husband and I have our own production company. As I say on my About Me page: essentially, I love to create: indie films w/Think Ten Media Group, learning and play with Wild Thing and Caterpillar, meaning and memories through both. 

Sometimes, all of these things get mixed together, as was the case when I produced our latest award-winning film SMUGGLED while 7.5 months pregnant with Caterpillar and with Wild Thing by my side (or in my arms) almost the whole time.

Given this, when I (belatedly) began reflecting on the blog from 2012 and musing about sharing top posts from the year, I got inspired by all of the award season hype in Southern California right now and that even indie filmmakers are paying more attention to because of the nominations for Beasts of the Southern Wild. Thus, you have this silly post in which I muse about my favorite/best/most popular posts from 2012 with entertainment awards categories in mind.

Best Direction (Top Parenting Post of 2012): Thoughts from a Mama of Boys (on Raising Boys to be Good Men). Being a parent is like being a film director in many ways - we make all the hard calls. We are supposedly in charge/in control of the actors (children), and we are the guiding force leading our team, hopefully, toward a shared goal or vision. Hence, Best Direction award for my Top Parenting Post (I thought a Best Director award would be a little unfair).

Indie Spirit Award: To honor my top posts that featured making something out of nothing or activities that really do not cost a thing - Library + Coffee Shop Outing at Home for Best Feature and Toddler Games (That Only Take You) for Best First Feature (as it is among the best early posts from 2012 when I first started writing about kid stuff on the blog).

People's Choice Awards: Ten for Tuesday: Activities for Fire Prevention Week (most popular post of 2012) with honorable mentions to the following other popular posts:
Best Cinematography: Ten for Tuesday: Screen Free Tips because it features one of my favorite photos taken by my husband of Wild Thing and I at the ocean.   

Best Editing: With film, during the post-production process the story crafting comes through at the hands of the editor(s). Sometimes, the story remains very similar to the way it was laid out in the screenplay. Sometimes, it varies slightly, and sometimes the editing process can drift far from the screenplay in the service of crafting the film and telling the story. Hence, I selected my favorite story activity from the blog in 2012 our Halloween Recycled Story Box.

Best Ensemble Performance: Bloggers Go Orange posts from the month of September when many bloggers joined together for Hunger Action Month. Thank You From Moms Fighting Hunger highlights many of these posts with 35 posts from the month linked up -- all with great ways to engage children in the fight to end hunger.

Best Art Direction: Andy Warhol + Pop Art - This is my most popular art post from 2012 and was part of the Exploring Great Artist project, which is a bi-monthly project of Red Ted Art, which I LOVE participating in. Also, special thanks to No Time for Flashcards for including in her round-up of 15 Fantastic Fine Art Projects for Kids.  

Best International: This award goes to a post I wrote for another blog - Exploring Geography: Thailand featured as part of the Exploring Geography Series of Mama Smiles 

Best Costume Design: The outfit created for our relay game from Move, Eat, Draw, Learn with Trolls!

Best Documentary: Of course, all of my posts are true, so to select the best documentary post of 2012, I thought about storytelling and the best post that documented and told an important story from my life. The result was a tie - Today...I Celebrate {Birth Story} and a guest post I wrote for The Pleasantest Thing about my family's adoption experience - My Brother's Mother as part of her Moms Celebrating Moms Series.

Best Visual Effects: Magic Milk Painting, as I like to call it, completely captivates Wild Thing (and I suspect most toddlers and preschoolers) and is the closest thing to real life visual effects that I can replicate in my own kitchen, so the Best Visual Effects on the blog definitely goes to our Van Gogh Magic Milk Painting. 

Best Adapted Screenplay: Move, Eat, Draw, Learn with Duck! Rabbit!  - For this I decided to select the top post from the blog that was based on or centered around a book. Books pop up a lot on the blog, but this was definitely one of my favorites from 2012.

Best Mini-Series: By far the most popular series on the blog is my Ten for Tuesday series, with a few posts from that series already highlighted in other categories. The most popular posts from that series in 2012 were:
Last, but not least - I write a lot about giving. I share a lot about generosity, helping others, mindfulness, etc. It is part of who I am and something that I want to keep front and center as a parent as I hope to raise my children to be full of gratitude and joy with open arms and giving spirits.

The Top Giving Post of 2012 is...drum roll please...A Season of Giving: 12 Days of Christmas Giving - a post inspired by Stacy of Kids Stuff World who shared 31 Days of Service from Mom It Forward and a family in my community who I discovered through another blogger, Theresa of Capri+3. Ultimately, the post and related writing and efforts, led to more than $8,000 being donated to support a family who spent their Christmas with the father receiving treatments to fight cancer while mom shuttled between the hospital and their home where she cares for four kids. I am immensely proud of this post and of my community that was moved to make a difference for a family that definitely needed it. 

I hope you have enjoyed my silly awards musings as I reflected on my blog in 2012 and that you will keep reading in 2013!


  1. Greatest post ever! Love how you put your spin on this, what an incredible year you had and I can't wait to see what 2013 holds for both of us!!! Hopefully an in life meet up

  2. Not sure if that comment went through on my phone ... if not, I'll pop in later and repost

  3. Awesome! I love how you set this up as awards - you've written some really lovely posts in 2012 and I can't wait to see what you have to say in 2013.

  4. This post is excellent in and of itself! I've really enjoyed your posts this year, and the posts you wrote for my Exploring Geography series! So glad to have "met" you this year!

  5. I love this idea - it was great to read through some of your awards. What a great spin on a 2012 round up!

    Thanks for linking up!

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  6. What a fun post! I'd say you get the award for "Most Original 2012 'Best of' Post"

  7. This was such a fun post! Loved reading through your post awards :)