Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kids Co-Op: Inspired by Spring Sensory Play

EXPLANATION: If you received or saw a very, very rough and incomplete version of this post yesterday, it was because Wild Thing had gotten on my computer and somehow managed to publish the draft well before it was complete! Sorry!!

Then, my computer decided not to recognize my camera further delaying my publication of my Kids Co-Op post. I still have not been able to get the photos off of it so that I could include our latest Flower Sensory Bin, but hopefully I will be able to share it soon. It is part of my continuing evolution as I re-purpose our Christmas Sensory bin. Jackie from Ready-Set-Read challenged me try and make this one bin last all year, and I have decided to go for it. The challenge is proving to be quite fun! (Last week, we shared how our Easter Sensory Bin, which was a re-purpose of our Christmas Bin led to Dino-Play.) More soon... 

So, in the spirit of sensory play and sensory bins, I am sharing some of my favorite sensory bins from the Co-Op last week.

Fantastic Fun Learning shared 35 Seed Activities including Sensory Seeds and Nature Tables, and I loved this Life Cycle of a Butterfly Sensory Bin from Kara's Classroom. Wild Thing has really gotten into The Very Hungry Caterpillar lately, so I just might have to create one of these myself. I also loved the Coal and Water Steam Engine Sensory Bin from Play Trains, which is the latest addition to my Things That Go Pinboard. 

As a bonus, I am also highlighting this Learning about Hard and Soft Sensory Tray from Gift of Curiosity, 30 Gardening Activities for Kids from KC Edventures and this Water Sensory Play for Babies from House of Burke as they also offer great sensory explorations for little ones.  

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Time to link up and play! 


  1. What wonderful gardening ideas! I love the book the Gardener that you mentioned.

  2. Thank you again for featuring our Coal & Water sensory bin!