Friday, April 5, 2013

Kid's Co-Op: Sibling Play

Today I combine my Kid's Co-Op post with my first Sibling Play post. I plan to do a monthly Sibling Play Series, similar to my monthly Baby Play Series that was so popular, but that I will no longer be doing since there are no babies at our house anymore (Caterpillar is 20 months today!) Wild Thing is not quite 3 and half now, so sibling play is more important at our house and sibling play ideas are something I know lots of moms are looking for with summer just around the corner. I will focus on ideas for tots and PreK, but will have ideas at times for play that involves older siblings (elementary-aged) like this brilliant post from Mama Smiles featuring the Baby School that her older siblings came up with for their baby sister. It is precious!   

Mummy Musings and Mayhem is a wonderful site to check out if you are looking for sibling play, especially for toddlers/preschoolers, since she has twins! Last week, she shared lots of activities that her 3 girls enjoyed doing together, like this fun bubble play. Bubbles are a go-to sibling play activity at our house too

I also thought it might be useful to share this post about Toddlers and Hitting from Taming the Goblin and The Sunday Parenting Party since hitting can often come to the forefront a bit more readily between siblings and having tips for diffuse and curtailing the behavior can be helpful. 

Finally, here is a sibling play idea that we have been doing - coloring on the floor! I taped several pieces of paper onto the floor so that the boys could color together easily, since they end up crowding around the same small paper when we color at the table, which can cause squabbles. They loved it. I recommend using painter tape, rather than masking tape like the photo, since the masking tape pulled on the linoleum a bit in the kitchen. The boys also had fun putting playdough on their giant drawing after they tired of coloring. This activity kept them occupied and happily playing together for quite awhile, which is not always the case when they play with their cars or blocks together. I think the large size of the paper and providing them with lots of markers made a difference as it gave them nothing to feel like they needed to compete for. 

I hope you enjoy this new series. Please join in and share your favorite sibling activities are or tell me more about what you would like to see in the series. You can comment here or pipe in on Facebook. Oh - and link up and play!


  1. I love the huge coloring sheet on the floor idea. So simple and easy and yet I never did it! It's nice to have these ideas handy for the summer!

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    Have a wonderful week.