Friday, May 10, 2013

Sibling Play: Sandbox!

Things have been quiet on the blog lately because of Screen Free Week last week and travel and extended family time this week. Knowing that I would have less time for the blog I asked Maryann from Mama Smiles if she would be interested in writing a guest post on sibling play, since I always find such great sibling moments, play ideas and activities on her wonderful blog. I am happy to share her post on siblings and sand play! 

My kids are pretty good friends, but they get along best when we are outdoors - and getting them set up at the sandbox is one of the easiest ways to initiate outside play time! 

Sandboxes are pretty amazing - they can entertain babies through any age, so long as you are willing to let yourself play. After all, who doesn't love the beach - nature's most beautiful sandbox!

You don't need much to build a sandbox. We found our current one for free at the curb, but before that we used an underbed storage bin - it's a great size for a couple of toddlers, and the lid closes securely! You can also use two-by-fours to build one, if you are handy. My parents once dug a sandbox into the yard, and lined it with concrete blocks for one of our homes; another time they built a sandbox around the base of a large oak tree using stones and concrete. We loved playing among the roots of the tree, shaded generously by its leaves! When the leaves fell off the tree in the fall, we simply incorporated them into our play!

My kids don't have a tree above their sandbox, but that doesn't stop them from adding in sticks, grass, and leaves! They also like to bring small plastic mini figures into the sandbox for all sorts of adventures. Fairies, knights, dragons, dinosaurs - there is plenty of room for everyone when it comes to pretend play! Adding water to the sandbox adds to the possibilities!

How do your kids play together in the sandbox? Do they add things to the sand, or keep it simple?

MaryAnne lives near Boston, Massachusetts with her husband Mike and their four children. She has degrees in Education, Medicine and Music, and she’s taught everything from piano lessons and French to research methodology and ethics courses. Before starting her family she spent most of her time teaching and learning. Now, as a stay-at-home mother, she enjoys the learning, creativity, and play that happen naturally in a young child's everyday life, which she shares on her blog, For creative inspiration, follow her on Pinterest and Twitter at @MamaSmiles.

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  1. Thank you for having me as a guest on your wonderful blog!

  2. I love the idea of digging a sandbox around the base of a tree! What fun!!

  3. My little ones love adding in lots of water in their sandbox. They make lots of mountains and lakes. Great fun.

  4. Don't children love sandboxes! We also bought a plastic tub to use last year until a turtle box was passed down to us. Great things with endless hours of enjoyment. I'll be featuring you in a few hours at Thank you for linking up to Mom's Library :-)