Monday, May 20, 2013

{Virtual Book Club for Kids} My Little Boys with Little Blue and Little Yellow - Move, Eat, Draw and Learn with Leo Leonni

With all of our Virtual Book Club for Kids posts, we like to move, eat, draw and learn with our selected book. Check out all the fun we had with little blue and little yellow by Leo Lionni. 

1. Move - This book provides lots of movement play inspiration and ideas -- perfect for a playdate where your little one and their best friend wear blue and yellow. Like the friends in the book, kids can play Hide-and-Seek, Ring-a-Ring-O'Roses, tag or even climb a mountain. 

2. Eat - We made a yellow, green and blue fruit salad (pineapple, honeydew and blueberries). But the big hit, of course, were our little blue and little yellow cookies inspired by various pages of the book: the 1st page with little blue only, then (a few pages later) little blue and little yellow together, then the Ring-a-Ring-O'Roses page, and the colors running and plying after school followed by (skipping to the end) yellow and blue making green and then just green (the last page). We also had a cookie of green chasing orange, but Wild Thing ate that one straight away. When I asked him to get the candies for the cookies, I would ask him for the color that I needed in Spanish to practice our Spanish vocabulary. He thought our book-inspired cookie making activity was so much fun!

3. Draw - We did ice painting using blue and yellow ice cubes. The boys loved the sensory component. Of course,as the two colors merged their ice art experiments turned green.

4. Learn - We also did some primary color learning through fun water play - perfect for siblings or a play date. I gave Wild Thing a bottle with blue colored water and Caterpillar a bottle with yellow colored water with some bubbles mixed in. The boys would squirt their colored bubble water into a tray, and as they played together, of course, they got green. Beyond learning about colors, they are also learning the value of sharing, growing and playing together -- this is the wonderful message present in this book: that even though individuals can be quite different and unique from one another, together they can often create something cool and wonderful (like a new color).

BONUS LEARN + PLAY ACTIVITIES: a sensory bin and a Spanish language learning adventure in the making... 

We have an evolving sensory bin, which we started at Christmas, then transformed for St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and (now) little blue and little yellow. Many of our green buttons and green "grass" (green dyed pasta) has been depleted by so much play (and a recent travel adventure in which we brought the bin along in a plastic baggie), but I had enough green buttons and such left to make it work. I removed most of the non-green items and added in some blue circles (milk caps) and yellow circles I cut out from yellow mini muffin liners.I also added some yellow and blue paper shreds that came in our Easter package from grandma. Wild Thing uses these items to retell much of the story (the shreds become the yellow and blue tears that little green cries). He also likes to pull out a blue circle, then a yellow circle. Then, he will stack them together and cover them with a large green button to represent their transformation. With Caterpillar, I use the bin to reinforce his colors and for shape learning. (Wild Thing is 3.5 and Caterpillar is almost 2).

Finally, together Wild Thing, Daddy and I are making a Spanish version of the book (an abbreviated version). It is helping Wild Thing and I learn new Spanish vocabulary words. I liked the idea of using this book since it builds upon our knowledge of the colors in Spanish, which Wild Thing now knows quite well. Plus, Wild Thing will be creating the art for the book. I think we will finish the book by the end of the week, and we will be sure to share it!

Are you a Leo Lionni fan? What is your favorite book of his? Or, do you have a favorite color mixing activity? I would love it if you shared it! 

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  1. I love all the great activities you did to go with the book. That is so creative that you made each cookie to represent a different page of the book. I'm sure many preschools would be thrilled to have your curriculum!

  2. Picking up on Theresa's comment...This actually would make a great sensory activity as well. I also know a lot of mom's who like to bake who would love to share this with their toddlers!

  3. I love that you are making a Spanish version of this book!

  4. I really want to read that book and I love all your fun activities - especially the combination of color mixing and sharing.

  5. I'm gonna have to find another child to come over so I can do #4. I'm featuring this on my blog tonight!

  6. This is such a great post - thanks so much for linking up to the Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop. I really need to get a hold of Little Blue and Little Yellow - it sounds like such a sweet book.

  7. I always love your book activities. The ice painting and water color play sound like a lot of fun, and I love that you are really taking advantage of opportunities for them to practice Spanish! I think I would have eaten the green chasing orange cookie straight away, too... Thanks for linking up at the Creative Kids Culture Hop!

  8. This is something that my preschooler would love, love to do! I really like that you're making a Spanish version of it as well. Thanks for linking up at the Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop #4!