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Girl Rising -- Powerful Stories of Girls Who Are Rising + A Reminder to Support Them

We interrupted your regular scheduled programming to bring you this special announcement: EDUCATING GIRLS MATTERS...A LOT!!!
What I should be posting today is my latest Project 101: Weekly Library Challenge post where I share a book the boys are reading and a book that I have been reading this week too -- of course both books are from the library. However, I had the amazing opportunity today to watch Girl Rising, a powerfully moving and inspiring documentary about girls who are standing up, against incredible odds often, to demand an education (and the story of those along the way you are helping or hindering their process). I loved the uplifting and hopeful aspects of the films, despite some grim realities:
66 million girls are out of school globallyEvery year, 150 million girls are victims of sexual violence (girls who are not in school are more susceptible to this violence)14 million girls under the age of 18 will be married this year; 13 in the last 30 secondsThe #1 cause of death f…

{Kid's Co-Op} Eric Carle Activities & Bug Fun

Eric Carle's birthday was Tuesday, and we are big Eric Carle fans at our house. Wild Thing, in particular, loves The Very Hungry CaterpillarThe Very Quiet Cricket and Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Of course, we plan to explore new books by him and I absolutely LOVE doing book extensions, so these Eric Carle-related activities from The Kid's Co-Op and other bug activities stood out for me:
Eric Carle-Inspired Animal Crafts from Gummy LumpWhat Do You See Adventure from Gummy Lump for Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?Caterpillar PreK + K Learning Pack from Life With Moore BabiesThe Ice Cream Activity in this Summer for Preschoolers Post from Sorting Sprinkles would pair well with The Very Hungry Caterpillar and could evolve to making other food as well.Butterfly Wings from Kiddie FoodiesPlaydough Pasta Bugs from Seedings Nursery SchoolLadybug Activities from Fantastic Fun and Learning that would pair well with The Very Grouchy LadybugThis Insect Sensory Bin fro…

Happy Birthday, Eric Carle~We're Doing a Very Hungry Caterpillar Virtual Food Drive to Help Very Hungry Kids! Join Us!!

Summer is officially here (for half of the world anyway). For many of us, school was out well before the First Day of Summer/Summer Solstice on June 21st. While summer means beaches, pools and vacation for many families, it also means increased food insecurity for others. Food budgets increase for almost everyone in the summer, and families that rely on free and reduced school lunches struggle with the loss of these much needed meals (many schools also provide breakfast to children as well and for many children, their only meals are the ones they eat at school). For some reason, thoughts of the summer struggle against hunger surged to the forefront of my brain every time I read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, or overheard Wild Thing reading it to himself or his father or brother (he has the whole book memorized). 

Finally, it came together, that caterpillar who is so very hungry and needs all of those food items in order to become a beautiful butterfly made me think of all o…

{Project 101} Weekly Library Challenge: These Books are On Fire -- And Beach Books for Mama Take Two!

If you follow the blog, you are well aware of Project 101, which is a Weekly Library Challenge in which I share 1 book that the boys have been reading from the library that is their favorite for the week and then 1 book that I am reading.  About a month ago, I shared 5 of my favorite books from the library challenge as a list of Beach Books for Mamas. The books were all very family oriented as different parents shared their parenting journeys (oh - except for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass). I loved seeing comments and responses about the books, other book suggestions as well as some good-hearted teasing that my "beach" books weren't that beach-y relative to what many people prefer. I definitely understood, as I like a page-turning novel as much as anyone else, so this week as I share some books that are on fire (for the boys and me), I will also be sharing 5 Beach Books for Mama: Take Two -- I think this list will fall more in line wi…

{Summer Reading} Our Special Summer Book Nook + Book Activities and Reading Lists from The Kid's Co-Op

For the summer, I have decided to transform our tent into a special summer book nook. My husband won a tent recently when he completely his Community Emergency Response Team training. Of course, we put it in our yard -- why not?! The boys love it, so I thought it would be a new and fun place to read. (There are other books in the tent that you can't see in this picture. Plus, at night we'll read using flashlights and a lantern).

When I started to transform the tent into a book nook, I decided to create a whole reading adventure/experience to go with my son's first look at the tent as a special reading space this summer. I packed his backpack with some trail mix, binoculars (made from toilet paper rolls), a flashlight and a notepad and pen (plus some stickers so that he could decorate his binoculars). I also decided that we would head out this morning in search of rabbits. We have come cottontails that often come into our yard, and we like to leave carrots and lettuce scraps…

{Virtual Book Club for Kids} Move, Eat, Draw, Learn with Trains by Gail Gibbons

Wild Thing (3.5 years-old) has been a train fan for awhile now (probably for two years). He loves all things that go, but trains were his first obsession in this area, which begin when he was probably Caterpillar's age (18 months) or perhaps a bit younger, so when it came time to select a Gail Gibbons book for us for the Virtual Book Club for Kids, her book Trains was the obvious choice. Each month with the Virtual Book Club for Kids we share a way that we move, eat, draw and learn with the book. So, here's 4(+) fun ways to play (and learn) with Trains! (Though I am flipping the order and sharing move, draw, eat, learn - you'll see why). 

Move - Pretending to be a train gets my boys moving every time. Sometimes we pretend to be trains while walking in a specific way. Sometimes, we use a good old cardboard box. Wild Thing will push Caterpillar. Then, I will push Wild Thing. Wild Thing also likes to turn blankets into trains as I pull them around the house (okay, so that one …

5 Great Films About Fathers -- Selected by a Father + Filmmaker

Not only is my husband a great father to our two sons, but he is also a talented independent filmmaker. SMUGGLED, the latest independent film that he wrote and directed, which our production company released a couple of months ago, won 5 awards on the film festival circuit with 15 selections and has been featured by NBCLatino, ABC and many other media outlets, including a great write-up by Mamiverse praising the way the film portrays a beautiful mother-son relationship (largely in honor of his own mother who passed away over 10 years ago). I also love this post from Kid World Citizen about the way the film can be utilized to teach youth about immigration. 

For Father's Day, I decided to ask him to pick 5 of his favorite films featuring fathers. Some of his picks were as I expected, but some surprised me -- in a good way. I also wrote down my own top 5 films featuring fathers before he shared his. So, here's his picks (and mine!) 
Pursuit of Happyness - Based on the life of Chris…