Thursday, July 11, 2013

{Kid's Co-Op} Finally A New Blog Post After an Impromptu Bloggy Break...Link Up to the Weekly Kids Co-Op! We're Featuring Train Play at the Beach, Land Art, DIY Musical Instruments and S'Mores!!

It's been very quiet on the blog for the last week. In fact, it's been quiet everywhere for me: Facebook page, Twitter, G+ and even Pinterest! I ended up taking an impromptu bloggy and social media break that I quite enjoyed. Almost two weeks ago, temperatures here hit 100+ (often peaking at 110). The heat wave seemed to correspond with really poor internet reception at home, so that circumstance began nudging me toward a break of sorts. Shortly after, my mother came to visit and we went on a camping trip with no cell reception, TV, WiFi, etc., etc. While, I felt a bit guilty neglecting my blog so much and being so absent from various communities and social media groups, I also thoroughly enjoyed being so completely unplugged! When camping, I didn't even get out any of the books I brought. I simply found myself enjoying my family and the beautiful, natural surroundings! 

Our camping trip definitely influenced the activities from The Kid's Co-Op last week that stuck out for me, particularly as I plan on more outdoor excursions and activities as a family this summer. 

Wild Thing would absolutely love to make sand tracks for trains at the beach like Play Trains did -- I see a beach outing in our future with some trains in the beach bag! 

This post from Rediscovered Families on How to Create Land Art reminded me of how wonderful it is to create art with items found in nature and how intuitive this type of activity is for my children. It made me think of my boys sitting in the dirt with sticks and engrossing themselves in creating art in the mud at our camp site. 

With 100+ temperatures on a daily basis, I also totally want to try the Solar S'Mores from Craft, Interrupted. I just need to find a box that will work, since we never get take out pizza anymore -- we absolutely love making our own way too much! (On the camping trip, the S'Mores were a big hit, so I know this activity will be a huge hit too). 

Since my boys are making their own music and instruments all the time out of anything and everything (a toy hammer or stick against my stainless steel water bottle for instance on a recent morning walk), I definitely want to make our own musical instruments like Gummy Lump did. I especially love that they are made from recycled materials! Once the instruments are complete, I see us having our parade in which we show off the instruments. (We were camping on the 4th of July and the campsite involved the kids in a Holiday parade that both of my little ones really loved). 

What have you been up to this summer? What's your favorite summer activity so far? Link-Up to The Kid's Co-Op and let's play! Don't forget to also check out The Weekly Kid's Co-Op Facebook page and Pinboard


  1. Your family camping trip sounds like so much fun. It is great that you had a break from screen time for a while to spend time with family.

    : 0 ) Theresa

  2. Thank you for featuring our sand tracks!

  3. Glad you got a bloggy break! It's a necessary thing after a while!