Friday, July 19, 2013

{Kid's Co-Op} Let's Pretend: 5 Play Activities that Encourage Imaginative Play

In April, I started a new monthly series focused on Sibling Play, primarily for Tot/Preschool Children, since I have a 3.5 year-old (Wild Thing) and almost 2 year-old (Caterpillar). The idea is to share simple, sibling play ideas. I kicked it off with a Kid's Co-Op post highlighting Baby School (led by an older Sibling), Bubble Play, a post on Toddler Hitting and my own simple playdough and coloring activities (on the floor!). In May, Mama Smiles shared about Simple Sandbox Play for Siblings (a big hit with us too), and I followed last month with Simple Water and Nature Play

This month, I'm sharing a simple pretend play activity I often set up for the boys (most often at dinnertime when I am cooking). I give them some simple baking/cooking materials, such as flour or cornmeal in a muffin tin or other baking/cooking container with some spoons and, often, water. They love it and I get dinner made! They enjoy pretending to make and serve dinner themselves. If they play without water, then I always save the flour or cornmeal to reuse the next time to avoid waste. 

I also am sharing some of the pretend play/imaginative play posts from The Kid's Co-Op last week that jumped out at me as things my boys would love to do -- separately and together!

Living Montessori Now shared Simple Excavation Sensory Tubs. Wild Thing's interest in fossils continues to grow. I know he would love pretending to be a paleontologist! (Caterpillar loves the sensory experience of cornmeal and sand, so he would enjoy it too).

Wild Thing and Caterpillar both love animals and maps, so Diego and Dora always get their attention. For Wild Thing, we'll get DVDs from the library. For Caterpillar, books. These binoculars from Powerful Mothering would totally encourage even more Dora and Diego Pretend Play (which Wild Thing would LOVE as he spent almost the entire time at the park yesterday pretending to be Diego and rescuing animals). We made some much more basic binoculars for our rabbit exploration last month, but I've been encouraged by Powerful Mothering to kick it up a notch.  

I always love seeing what Mummy Musings and Mayhem is up to, and this week was no different. She shared many imaginative adventures and reminded me of the fun in Pretend Play as a Construction Crew. Last summer, Wild Thing made a road out of sand and water, but Caterpillar was too young to join in the fun. I think we will have to do this activity again this summer. Thanks, Mummy Musings for the reminder! 

Finally, My Nearest and Dearest shared their Soap Factor Pretend Play, which looked so fun! My boys would love mixing together different concoctions. 

Plus, one more...Not from The Kid's Co-Op, but too cool not to share. Giant Duck Pond World for Pretend Play from Two Daloo. A big thank you to My Nearest and Dearest for sharing this on her Facebook page today!


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my post, Jen! I pinned your post to my Kids' Dramatic Play Pinterest Board. :)

  2. many awesome ideas here. I love the ideas of sensory tubes too.

  3. I love the idea of using flour to pretend to cook. Our little ones are really into pretending to cook right now and that would add a sensory element to the fun.