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Back to School with KBN {Linky Party} + Our Back to School Goals and Project 101: Weekly Library Challenge

For many reasons, I truly appreciate being part of the Kid Blogger Network, a network of over 450 parents, educators, etc. who share activities and inspiration for children. For me, KBN is a great resource on parenting, learning ideas, creative play and so much more. Right now, more than 30 members of KBN have come together to share tips, resources and tricks to help families get ready to go back to school. For our family, our first "school" experience begins next week with Wild Thing starting preschool for the first time. So, I decided to do some thinking and set some Back to School goals for us. (I love the monthly goals that Mama Smiles shares and was partially inspired by her!) 

For us, I set some learning goals for both Wild Thing and Caterpillar (who just turned 2), a family goal, plus a service goal (for our family) and some personal goals for me (and one that includes Caterpillar). The overall goal, though, is to keep it simple. My husband and I's business has a lot of changes and growth happening right now, Wild Thing will be adjusting to preschool, Caterpillar will also be adjusting to his brother being in school and to (hopefully) having opportunities to play with other children without me around, so keeping it simple is an important goal. Right now, trying to add on a lot of other stuff probably won't be helpful. I've set or goals with that overall thought in mind:
  • Learning/Developmental Goals for Wild Thing - Increased confidence in tracing and early writing activities and improved ability to enjoy and engage in quiet time (he talks a lot!). 
  • Learning/Developmental Goals for Caterpillar - Continued understanding and knowledge of letters and numbers and focused learning time with Mommy through Tot School (to make him feel special since Wild Thing is starting school), as well increased independence.
  • Family Goal - Reinstate Family Dinners. Last November as part of a Gratitude Challenge I participated in, I started focusing our family on family dinners together and felt that we really benefited from the experience. Work schedules and summertime have nudged the goal aside a bit, but starting school offers a good opportunity to refocus on family dinners together. 
  • Personal Goals (for me!): Exercise regularly. Make time for myself. Set a yoga routine (can be with the boys). Encourage independence in Caterpillar and increased comfort being away from Mommy. 
  • Service Goals: Engage in an act of service/kindness each month. Focus on mindfulness daily.
Do you have any goals for yourself or your family as the school year approaches? If so, what helps you stay focused on your goals? I'd love to know. 

Finally, I'm also a bit overdue with my post for Project 101: Weekly Library Challenge, and we've got something a bit special to share this week: A NEW LIBRARY!! My husband and I's latest film, SMUGGLED, had three screenings in San Francisco recently, one of which was at the San Francisco Public Library (the main library downtown). We decided to make the San Francisco trip a bit of a family vacation. So, while the film was screening at the library, the boys and I explored their Children's Center on the 2nd floor which is FABULOUS! We completely loved it, and had no trouble spending 2 hours there. 

There is an interactive alphabet wall with graphic letters and activities, as well as blocks, lots of books (of course) and many other visually engaging elements. Plus, the staff was wonderful. As I struggled with bags, stroller and preschooler, a staff member walked us over to the family restroom and opened the door for us to help. Plus, they had Back to School books on display, and Wild Thing was so excited to see Miss Mingo and the First Day of School by Jamie Harper, a book Wild Thing loves that we often read at our local coffee shop.    

As for what I'm reading this week, given the trip, I selectively read through Hidden San Francisco and Northern California by Ray Riegert, which gave me some great tips for exploring Chinatown and heading over the Golden Gate Bridge. It also underscored that we could spend much more time in the Bay Area and still not experience everything! I'm also glancing through the section on Santa Cruz since we'll be there in September with our film. 

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  1. Great idea to set some family goals! Thanks so much for sharing at the Discover & Explore linky - I'll be featuring you this week :)