Friday, August 30, 2013

{The Kid's Co-Op} Tot & Pre-K Learning Through Play

We're in our second week of Tot School activities at our house, which I decided to start for Caterpillar (just turned 2) when Wild Thing started preschool a few weeks ago. Sometimes, we explore our learn and play basket while Wild Thing is at school, but often Wild Thing wants to explore the basket too once he gets home, or I don't get to the basket with Caterpillar in the mornings, so we all explore the basket together. So, Tot School has evolved and become Tot + Pre-K Learning Time. I love it! You can check out all the ways we explored the letter A last week here. I'm excited to share our letter B activities with you next Tuesday!

Here's 10 Activities that caught my eye from last week's Kid's Co-op because they seemed like something my toddler and preschool boys would love. Hope you like them too. 

Since the first letter A basket I put together for tot school focused on apples, the apple tree circle game from Let's Play Music seems like something we can try. 

I also plan on making some balloon juggling balls like those shared from Kids Activities Blog, since ball and balloon were a big part of letter B week this week. 

I loved the homemade bird feeders from Triple T Mum as another sensory Letter B activity we could do, and the footprint bear and bear exploring activities from House of Burke resonated as we had a whole day focused on B is for Bear this past week.

Next week when we move onto Letter C, I plan on doing a lot of sensory activities with cotton and am adding cotton bud painting to the list, as inspired by Ingspirations.  

When we hit Letter F, we'll be focusing on flowers a lot, and I've decided that flower crowns are for boys too thanks to Annie Cookie

I already had mud on my list of play ideas for the Letter M, and Paint on the Ceiling created a very cool Invitation to Play in Mud and Mama to 5 Blessings showed that mud is an ultimate sensory play item. 

I pinned the Wind Tube Crafts from Bear and Lion Mama, which will work well for learning about air and wind. Plus, I love any crafts that use recycled materials. 

Finally, Fantastic Fun and Learning shared a fabulous School Bus ABC Game that is a great way to bring all of the letters together for fun learning through play because #playmatters. 

That's why I love The Weekly Kid's Co-op. It is always full of fun ways for children and families to learn through play. Join in and play! 

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